Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Epicurious and Big Oven Cooking Apps

Cooks with an iPhone, iTouch, or even the new iPad may be interested in a very informative review of two cooking "apps" which was published in today's New York Times.

Wilson Rothman reviews Epicurious, which I installed shortly after I received my iTouch for Christmas, and Big Oven, which I'd never heard of before.

Both are free for the iTouch. Epicurious is also free for the iPad, but the iPad version of Big Oven is $9.99.

One of the interesting features at Big Oven, which I just installed tonight, is "Use Up Leftovers" -- you can input three ingredients in your kitchen and Big Oven will come up with related recipes.

Rothman does say that "Epicurious...should be the first thing any kitchen-loving iPad owner downloads." I haven't used the Epicurious app a great deal yet, but I've found some appealing recipes, and I like the related grocery list function. This article makes me want to try using both these apps often in the future.

I was also interested to learn, when I explored links at the end of the article, that Mark Bittman's HOW TO COOK EVERYTHING app debuted last weekend. It's $1.99.

Nigella Lawson also debuted a much pricier ($7.99) app within the last few days.

Update: Tyler Florence also has an app which is new this month ($4.99).

Today I downloaded the free Grocery IQ, which is recommended by both the New York Times column and USA Today.


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