Tuesday, April 20, 2010

World of Color Premieres June 11th at Disney's California Adventure

Disney has announced the official premiere date for the World of Color show at Disney's California Adventure: it will start on June 11th.

A video preview was posted on the official Disney blog.

In other Disney news, how nice to read that Disneyland and Disney World are providing free passes to travelers stranded in the United States by the volcano cloud.

I have a friend who is currently stranded in Ireland with her two sons. She was supposed to fly home tomorrow, and currently the earliest date she can get a reservation is April 29th. And needless to say, that schedule is iffy! She may have to travel to Scotland or Spain in order to get home.

Having just an inkling what she's going through, I'm very glad to see Disney reaching out to people who are unable to get home to Europe. The extra hotel nights are a budget buster, and the uncertainty is quite unsettling, so it's nice Disney is trying to help those who can't get anywhere have a better stay.


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