Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toy Story 3 Stories

There's a fun interview with Michael Keaton in today's USA Today about his role as Ken in TOY STORY 3.

Keaton says when he got the job offer "the phone literally fell out of my hands and I almost fell to my knees laughing. I don't know why exactly, frankly. It just started to make me laugh, and I haven't quite stopped since."

Many reviewers agree that Ken and Barbie just about steal the show in the third film in the classic Pixar-Disney trilogy.

There's more on Ken in another USA Today story.

The Big Hollywood site is hosting a week-long We Love Pixar! series, which began with John Nolte's review of TOY STORY 3 ("a masterpiece") and Christian Toto's tribute to TOY STORY.

Today Brad Schaeffer continues the series, writing that Pixar is "A Monument to Creativity and Free Enterprise."

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