Tuesday, January 25, 2011

83rd Annual Academy Award Nominations

The 83rd annual Academy Award nominations were announced this morning.

I've seen three of this year's Best Picture nominees: THE KING'S SPEECH, THE SOCIAL NETWORK, and TOY STORY 3.

THE KING'S SPEECH received a whopping 12 nominations, followed by TRUE GRIT with 10.

I'm delighted both THE KING'S SPEECH and TOY STORY 3 were nominated, as they would both be deserving of the honor even if there were only five nominees, rather than ten. As there is virtually no hope of an animated film winning Best Picture, I'll be rooting for THE KING'S SPEECH and, in particular, Colin Firth for Best Actor.

I found THE SOCIAL NETWORK enjoyable, but as I commented in my review, I'm a bit baffled by the strength of the critical praise heaped on the movie. I found it on the level of a high-quality TV-movie, interesting and well made but nothing particularly special.

The awards ceremony will take place on February 27th.

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