Monday, January 17, 2011

Warner Archive News...and More

Good news today from the Warner Archive: there's an impressive list of new releases ahead, including four remastered titles directed by Vincente Minnelli.

The Minnelli titles to be released are THE COBWEB (1955) with Richard Widmark, Lauren Bacall and more; TEA AND SYMPATHY with Deborah Kerr and John Kerr; THE RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE (1958) with Rex Harrison, Sandra Dee, and Kay Kendall; and TWO WEEKS IN ANOTHER TOWN (1962) with Kirk Douglas, Cyd Charisse, and Edward G. Robinson.

When the Archive began remastering some titles last June, it was announced that the remastered titles would cost $25, $5 more than regular Archive releases. As Dave Kehr notes in the New York Times, that higher pricing level has disappeared and remastered Archive DVDs are now the same price as regular releases.

That's very good news, although quite honestly I'd like to see the regular releases drop down to a more attractive price point...$20 is a lot for an unremastered print without extras, so I usually wait for the Archive to have sales. I bought a number of titles on sale in November and December, as well as paying full price for the remastered print of SUSAN SLEPT HERE (1954); I'd be a much more regular customer if the prices were lower on a consistent basis.

And in case anyone from the Archive reads this (grin), shopping on the site is too glitchy...I have challenges completing my order on a consistent basis. I can always place the order eventually, but I'd love to see the site upgraded to something a little more reliable and user friendly.

Other interesting titles to be released by Warner Archive in the near future: a double bill of Robert Young titles, PARADISE FOR THREE (1938) and MIRACLES FOR SALE (1939); another double bill, this time of 1939 Walter Pidgeon movies: SOCIETY LAWYER and STRONGER THAN DESIRE; and a Warren William triple bill consisting of THE WOMAN FROM MONTE CARLO (1931), DON'T BET ON BLONDES (1935), and TIMES SQUARE PLAYBOY (1936).

The Archive continues to make improvements and be responsive to consumer wishes, including making it easier to locate new releases on the site and issuing more remastered titles, and I look for more good news ahead from the Archive as it grows in 2011.

...Meanwhile, Lou Lumenick has the good news that Warner will be issuing two not-on-DVD Tracy-Hepburn films as regular DVD releases: KEEPER OF THE FLAME (1942) and THE SEA OF GRASS (1947). They will be available on April 12th as single-title releases or as part of a nine-film collection of the complete Tracy-Hepburn partnership.

Warner has been able to to license non-MGM titles made by other studios -- such as Fox's DESK SET (1957) -- in order to issue a complete collection.


Blogger MC said...

I'm really excited about the release of "The Reluctant Debutante." Such a fun movie, and Sandra Dee is adorable in it.


3:33 PM  
Blogger Robby Cress said...

I'm looking forward to that Tracy/Hepburn collection! I already own a partial collection of their collaboration, but I would be willing to get one comprehensive set if the price is reasonable.

3:40 PM  
Blogger panavia999 said...

Keeper of the Flame is very interesting but Sea of Grass is not worth purchasing. Just catch it on TCM sometime. Tracy and Hepburn were both too old for the parts, especially Tracy. Also, for a movie about a cattle rancher they should have used an actor who could ride *just a little bit*. I don't think Tracy was good in period pieces. They should have cast Robert Taylor in this. And it should have been filmed on location instead of a backlot. Of course, that's just MHO.

3:38 PM  

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