Saturday, February 05, 2011

Tonight's Movie: She's Got Everything (1938)

SHE'S GOT EVERYTHING is the fifth and final film in a series of stylish RKO "B" musicals Ann Sothern and Gene Raymond appeared in together in the mid '30s.

SHE'S GOT EVERYTHING was preceded by HOORAY FOR LOVE (1935), WALKING ON AIR (1936), SMARTEST GIRL IN TOWN (1936), and THERE GOES MY GIRL (1937). Three of the films, including SHE'S GOT EVERYTHING, were directed by Joseph Santley.

In this go-'round Sothern plays that staple of '30s romantic comedies, the broke heiress who needs a job and is employed by a millionaire. (I think the most recent '30s film I watched which used that plot point was Claudette Colbert's THE BRIDE COMES HOME.) In this case, the millionaire is coffee magnate Fuller Partridge (Raymond). Carol (Sothern) plans to earn enough to pay off her late father's creditors, but in a happy coincidence she falls in love with her boss.

There are some complications along the way, often caused by zany Waldo (Victor Moore), who heads a committee of creditors anxious for Carol to marry money; the creditors cause Fuller to wonder if Carol truly loves him. Of course, all is wrapped up nicely within 72 minutes. Along the way viewers can enjoy the wisecracking of Carol's Aunt Jane (the inimitable Helen Broderick), gorgeous RKO sets filmed in beautiful black and white, and Sothern singing the charming "It's Sleepy Time in Hawaii."

There's some beautiful location shooting at an unidentified swimming pool; it seems likely it was a hotel or country club in the Los Angeles area. I'd love to know for sure.

Be on the lookout for Jack Carson, who has a single scene as an advertising man.

This film is shown from time to time on Turner Classic Movies.

Update: SHE'S GOT EVERYTHING is now available on DVD from the Warner Archive.


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