Sunday, June 26, 2011

In Disney News...

...Disney-Pixar's CARS 2 (2011) certainly received mixed reviews -- the first Pixar film not to receive unqualified raves. The Los Angeles Times was very enthused, while Disney expert Leonard Maltin was terribly disappointed.

My daughters were the first ones in the family to see it, and they liked it very much; they felt harsh reviews were the result of Pixar having set the bar so very high, and opined that even an imperfect Pixar film is vastly better than most new films in the marketplace.

They were absolutely delighted with accompanying TOY STORY short, HAWAIIAN VACATION (2011), with voices by Michael Keaton and Jodi Benson as Ken and Barbie, plus the entire TOY STORY gang.

...The latest big update by Al Lutz at MiceAge has all sorts of interesting information, including the pending closure of Disneyland's Blue Ribbon Bakery -- it will be replaced by a larger MARY POPPINS themed bakery in the current site of the Plaza Pavilion -- and the Princess Fantasy Faire exiting the Fantasyland Theater, which will have a new stage production. Sounds wonderful all the way around.

...Last week I shared the news that Jack and Bonita Granville Wrather have been named Disney Legends. Werner Weiss of Yesterland has an excellent tribute to the Wrathers and their role in Disney history.

...Leonard Maltin has an informative post titled "A Disney Book You Don't Know About...and Others You Should." PICTURING THE WALT DISNEY FAMILY MUSEUM sounds like a must-have for Disney fans.

...Al Weiss, President of Worldwide Operations for Disney theme parks, has announced his retirement. Weiss has been with the company nearly 39 years.

...I love Shag's Disney art. He's got a beautiful new map to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Disney World.


Blogger Michele B. said...

DS and I saw Cars this afternoon - we really enjoyed it. The Toy Story short alone was worth the price of admission.

3:46 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Glad to know you liked it too! Good to hear. Barbie and Ken are my favorite Toy Story characters, the short looks like great fun. :)


3:55 PM  

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