Sunday, July 10, 2011

Warner Archive News

Warner Archive recently put out several more really interesting releases. Among them is ATHENA, a somewhat wacky but quite entertaining musical about a family of health nuts starring Debbie Reynolds and Jane Powell. (The plot was ripped off from Esther Williams and Charles Walters, but that's another story...) The Archive has released ATHENA in a remastered widescreen print with three deleted musical numbers. I continue to be thrilled that the Archive is now not only remastering many titles, but including extras!

Other new Archive titles include THE VANISHING VIRGINIAN (1942), MGM Americana with Kathryn Grayson, a film I've wanted to see for many years; another Grayson film, SEVEN SWEETHEARTS (1942); and a remastered print of THE ROMANCE OF ROSY RIDGE (1947). I just received THE VANISHING VIRGINIAN yesterday and look forward to reviewing it soon.

I've previously reviewed TCM airings of both SEVEN SWEETHEARTS and THE ROMANCE OF ROSY RIDGE. The print TCM shows of ROSY RIDGE is quite dark -- in fact, it was too dark for my father to watch on his older TV -- so I'm very hopeful that the remastered print will improve this issue.

Coming soon to the Warner Archive: Lucille Ball comedies including HER HUSBAND'S AFFAIRS (1947), MISS GRANT TAKES RICHMOND (1949), and THE FULLER BRUSH GIRL (1950).

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