Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New on DVD: The Magnetic Monster (1953)

THE MAGNETIC MONSTER (1953), a nifty little Cold War era thriller, was released on DVD yesterday.

This "manufactured on demand" DVD-R is from the MGM Limited Edition Collection. It's available from Amazon and Deep Discount.

I reviewed this film a few weeks ago and found it quite entertaining. Richard Carlson plays a government "A-man" who must find a way to defeat a fast-growing radioactive element which has such a strong magnetic force that it threatens to throw the world off its axis.

THE MAGNETIC MONSTER is hokey at times, but in the best kind of way. It's a great melding of Cold War anxieties with '50s monster movies, as well as a must for fans of Richard Carlson (CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON). I found it quite enjoyable and am glad to see it become available to a wider audience.


Blogger grandoldmovies said...

Thanks for the write-up - I've heard of this film but have never seen it, so I'm glad to learn it's now on DVD.

6:05 PM  
Blogger James Corry said...

"The Magnetic Monster" was an Ivan Tors film which dealt with his ficticious governmental agency "The Office Of Scientific Investigation" the others by Tors dealing with this group were: "Gog" and "Riders To The Stars"
They're all good pictures if rather dated by today's standards...


9:46 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Brad, that's so interesting!

Thanks to a friend I just received a copy of RIDERS TO THE STARS -- it has two of my faves, William Lundigan and Richard Carlson, not to mention Herbert Marshall and Martha Hyer. Very nice cast. I'm looking forward to it even more knowing the same writer created both stories. Will have to put GOG on my "to see" list.

Thanks for the info!

Best wishes,

9:57 AM  

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