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Around the Blogosphere This Week

Miscellaneous bits of news and fun stuff from around the Internet...slightly delayed due to a weekend of movie bliss at the Noir City Film Festival!

...A couple of years ago there was an ill-advised pilot for a ROCKFORD FILES remake which fortunately never made it on the air. Now there's even worse news: a proposed movie with Vince Vaughn as Jim Rockford. Vince Vaughn? Ugh. Please, make it stop...!

...The Sheila Variations has a detailed analysis of one of my favorite movies, THE MORE THE MERRIER (1943). I certainly agree that the scene with Joel McCrea and Jean Arthur on the front steps is one of the hottest in all American film. As Sheila writes, "There is so much to say about how elegantly it is done, and how beautifully it is played, but there is still something about it that shocks, even in today’s world..." Which just goes to show you don't have to show anything in order to show everything. Or something like that.

...Beginning on July 6, 2012, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library will host the exhibit D23 Presents Treasures From the Walt Disney Archives. Reagan and Disney were friends, and Reagan was one of the hosts of the live coverage of Disneyland's opening day on July 17, 1955.

...The Los Angeles Times posted a short but sweet interview with Julie Andrews a few days ago.

...Classic Film Freak reviews THE STRANGE WOMAN (1946), a Hedy Lamarr film I've not yet seen.

...Here's a nice tribute to the World's Greatest Sportscaster of All Time. I'll assume I don't need to actually identify said sportcaster by name.

...Glenn Erickson of DVD Savant on the new Warner Archive DVD release of WESTWARD THE WOMEN (1951): "William Wellman's fine wagon train movie should be recognized as a classic... a superior show -- exciting, well written, intelligent."

...Jennifer Garlen, writing for Examiner.com, likes the movie too. I share her appreciation for Lenore Lonergan as the sharpshooting Maggie, a great character.

...Cliff's got a review up at Immortal Ephemera of THE DOORWAY TO HELL (1930), starring James Cagney and Lew Ayres. I'm unfamiliar with this film, a Warner Archive release... I also recently enjoyed Cliff's well-researched post on Jean Harlow's stand-in, Mary Dees.

...After reading Glenn Erickson's review of the Warner Archive "film noir double feature" disc with HOMICIDE (1949) and THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET (1949), it went on my wish list. I really like when the Archive gives "value added" with "twofer" discs or extras.

...The Self-Styled Siren recently reviewed BLANCHE FURY (1948), starring Stewart Granger and Valerie Hobson. Deb wrote a post on the same film at Sidewalk Crossings earlier this year. Another movie I need to catch up with!

...TCM now has a Hollywood Tour app. When I have time I'll be looking into it further.

...The BBC has cancelled the UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS sequel series after two seasons. To date only Season 1 has been shown in the U.S.

...Attention Southern Californians: This Saturday night at 5:00 p.m., film noir experts Alain Silver and James Ursini will be signing their new book, FILM NOIR: THE DIRECTORS, at Larry Edmunds Bookshop.  Then walk down the street to the Egyptian Theatre, where Julie Adams will be appearing at SLAUGHTER ON TENTH AVENUE (1956) as part of the Noir City Film Festival.

...Don't forget: Thursday night, April 26th, is the encore presentation of CASABLANCA (1942), playing in theaters nationwide.

...Notable Passing: Dora Saint, who wrote under the pen name Miss Read, has passed away at the age of 98.

Have a great week!


Blogger Cliff Aliperti said...

Thanks for the links, Laura!

The new Upstairs Downstairs couldn't hold a candle to the old, but I do hope Season 2 at least brings the story to some sort of conclusion.

12:40 AM  
Blogger barrylane said...

Re The Strange Woman. I'm surprised you would direct anyone to Classic Film Freak, a site in which the perpetrator of opinion masquerading as information hides behind a silly psuedonym. Now about The Strange Woman: Edgar Ulmer is ot forgotten. His work is areadily available. Books have been written about him and his daughter Arianne keeps the flame alive brilliantly. Second, his work is in public domain because a large number of films were produced independently or for now defunct operations. Finally, Louis Hayward does not play her much older husband, but the son of her much odler husband played by Gene Lockhart. And, for whatever it is worth, I knew Louis well and for the final part of his career was his personal manager.

7:47 AM  
Blogger Page said...

Thanks for sharing these great links!
Boy I love The Rockford Files : )

10:47 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

You're very welcome, Cliff!

It's a funny thing, I recorded the first season of U,D but haven't gotten around to watching it yet! In part as comments I heard on it were so tepid. I hope all of the show does air here, though, so I can see it all when I'm ready! :)

Best wishes,

1:33 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hi Barrylane!

You know I value your comments, but I think the framing of your feedback here is harsh...if blogging under a pseudonym were an issue, an awful lot of bloggers would be out of business (grin). For that matter, I don't use my last name here on my own blog...there are some strange people out there in blog land (trust me on this! grin), along with all the really wonderful people I've met thanks to this blog. Fortunately the vast majority of folks out there are terrific, and I count myself very fortunate when it comes to the friends and acquaintances I've made via blogging.

Anyway, you've caused me to be more interested in learning about Edgar Ulmer...I'll be doing some Googling later to learn more about his work. THE STRANGE WOMAN has a top-drawer cast and it happens to be on a "two-fer" Acme DVD of public domain films I purchased last year, along with Hedy's DISHONORED LADY.

It's wonderful you knew Louis Hayward well -- I always enjoy him and I'm sure my readers would enjoy your insights anytime his name comes up. It sounds as though you must have had an interesting career yourself.

Best wishes,

1:39 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Page, you're very welcome! Thank you for letting me know you enjoyed the link roundup!

I love ROCKFORD too. :) :)

Best wishes,

1:40 PM  
Blogger barrylane said...

Hi Laura:

To know more about Louis hayward there is an extensive set of comments and questions on the COFFEE, COFFEE...blog of May 26, 2008. Thi s lead to an informal Louis Hayward Society, self administered by his fans.

The other stuff: I've no argument about psueonyms, the Classic Film Freak variations are too cute for me, and coupled with the esthetic and academic weakness in the article, I reacted negatively. You don't do that. Your opinion is personal and informed, without the attitude and arrogance. And, I am surprised you don't know Arianne Ulmer and The Edgar Ulmer Preservation Society. These are serious people with experience and intelligence.

7:05 PM  
Blogger barrylane said...

The Dora Saint passing had limited coverage. That is fine of you to point it out.

8:00 AM  
Blogger Tom said...

Wow, that Disney exhibit sounds extraordinary; this doesn't sound like the kind of exhibit that will be traveling to other cities, does it? The website says it will be in Simi Valley 'til April 2013; I might have to get over to LA sometime before then! Thanks Laura for sharing the info.

5:18 AM  
Blogger Tom said...

Laura, I'm sure you've heard, but Moose Skowron passed away the other day. RIP.

5:08 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I've not been able to keep up with comments over the last few days, due to all the time spent at the Noir City Festival -- my apologies!

The Disney exhibit should be great, Tom! I've seen a number of the listed items at the last two Disney Expos, but I've been meaning to return to the Reagan Library in order to see Air Force One. The Disney exhibit adds another reason to go!

Thanks very much for sharing that obituary, I hadn't seen it yet.

Best wishes,

9:44 AM  

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