Thursday, January 03, 2013

Coming to DVD: Glenn Ford - Undercover Crimes

There's another very interesting set coming soon from the TCM Vault Collection: Glenn Ford - Undercover Crimes.

This five-disc set is due to be released on March 18, 2013.

The titles in the collection:

THE LADY IN QUESTION (1940), Ford's first teaming with frequent costar and lifelong friend Rita Hayworth

FRAMED (1947), an interesting noir costarring Janis Carter, which I saw at the Hollywood Noir City Festival in 2011

MR. SOFT TOUCH (1949), costarring Evelyn Keyes, another interesting film which TCM showed as part of their Christmas film lineup in 2011

THE UNDERCOVER MAN (1949), a solid crime film with Nina Foch

CONVICTED (1950), also starring Broderick Crawford and Dorothy Malone

Follow the links at three of the titles listed above for reviews of each film.

All five films have been restored and remastered. Extras include an introduction by Ben Mankiewicz and photo and poster galleries.

I love seeing TCM release sets such as this and am looking forward to adding it to my collection!


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