Sunday, July 28, 2013

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Miscellaneous bits of news and fun stuff from around the Internet...

...Given how much I've been enjoying George O'Brien movies this year, including last night's UCLA screening of the spectacular NOAH'S ARK (1928), when I came across this book it jumped right to the top of my wish list: GEORGE O'BRIEN: A MAN'S MAN IN HOLLYWOOD by David W. Menefee. It's from Bear Manor Media. Here's a review.

...While we're on the subject of George O'Brien, here's a neat site dedicated to the actor, and here's an interesting post at Strictly Vintage Hollywood with a photograph of O'Brien's childhood home in San Francisco.

...As I mentioned some time back, the ClassicFlix DVD rental site is redesigning its website, and I'll have articles and reviews appearing there from time to time. The Beta version of the site is now live. It's a really good-looking redesign! After a testing phase for the next month or so, the new version of the site will become the permanent look of ClassicFlix on the web. Articles by various writers can be found in the Community section; initial posts include my tribute to Tyrone Power, an Introduction to Pre-Code Cinema by Stacia of She Blogged By Night, and a guide to some of the best '50s Westerns by Toby of 50 Westerns From the 50s.

...Frank Lovejoy is an actor I've really come to appreciate over the past couple of years, in a host of different titles. Olive Films, which recently released his movie RETREAT, HELL! (19520, has two more of his movies coming out on September 24th: SHACK OUT ON 101 (1955) and THE AMERICANO (1955). SHACK OUT ON 101 costars Terry Moore, Lee Marvin, and Keenan Wynn, while THE AMERICANO also stars Glenn Ford, Cesar Romero, and Ursula Thiess (Mrs. Robert Taylor).

...John Williams has confirmed he will score STAR WARS EPISODE 7, along with EPISODES 8 and 9. Whew!

...From the "What on Earth is This?" Department: Now out on DVD, BEARCATS!, a shortlived 1971 TV series starring Rod Taylor.

...Announced for the Third TCM Classic Film Cruise: Jane Powell, Robert Wagner, and Theodore Bikel, as well as the Alloy Orchestra.

...Earlier this month I shared my Summer Reading List. I hope to have my third review of the summer up in a few days' time! Last week at Out of the Past Raquel shared links to numerous book reviews by participants in her Summer Reading Classic Film Book Challenge.

...As an Ann Blyth fan, I want to see THE KING'S THIEF (1955), now available in a remastered print from the Warner Archive. There are some gorgeous photos up from it at Greenbriar Picture Shows.

...Paul Henreid's daughter, Monika, has a Facebook page for a planned memoir of her father, with many nice photos.

...Lindsay just caught up with the Criterion release of MINISTRY OF FEAR (1944) and wrote about it at Lindsay's Movie Musings. This is one I'm looking forward to revisiting soon.

...Lou Lumenick is back from a summer break with lots of DVD announcements.

...Notable Passing: Cop-turned-actor Dennis Farina has passed on at the age of 69. His credits included OUT OF SIGHT (1998) and BOTTLE SHOCK (2008).

...Attention Southern Californians: On Friday, August 2nd, Shirley Jones will appear in person at a 35mm screening of CAROUSEL (1956) at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica. Prior to the screening she'll be signing her brand-new book, SHIRLEY JONES: A MEMOIR.

Have a great week!


Blogger Caftan Woman said...

I'm a lucky gal. My sister gave me the George O'Brien book for Christmas.

Pleased to hear about Shirley Jones' book. She's been my idol since childhood. Her movies gave me a lifelong interest in musical theatre.

4:56 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

That is so fantastic about the O'Brien book! I'm hoping to get it in the next few weeks. :)

What a lovely thing to hear about Shirley Jones -- her musicals are definitely special.

Best wishes,

10:29 PM  
Blogger mel said...

I hope you didn't buy a copy of Shirley Jones - A Memoir. It's a smutty book - and I'm not kidding.

I have never been so disappointed in one of my idols - ever.

11:31 AM  

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