Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tonight's Movie: Guns of Hate (1948)

GUNS OF HATE is a solid Tim Holt Western, evocatively filmed in the Alabama Hills outside Lone Pine, California.

The plot is pretty standard-issue stuff. Bob Banning (Holt) and his pal Chito Rafferty (Richard Martin) befriend Ben (Jason Robards Sr.), who's found the Lost Dutchman mine. Ben is soon murdered for the map to the mine, and Ben's niece Judy (Nan Leslie) thinks Bob and Chito did the deed.

Bob and Chito have to clear their names in a hurry, and they're aided by saloon gal Dixie (Myrna Dell), who's in love with Chito.

For me there's nothing quite like a Tim Holt Western at the end of a long day. The plot really isn't all that important, it's simply the fun of spending time with the congenial Holt and Martin in the great outdoors.

I love turning on a movie like GUNS OF HATE and immediately being transported to Lone Pine, beautifully filmed here by George E. Diskant. The Alabama Hills and Mt. Whitney never looked better. These movies have a way of making the viewer feel as though you're right there next to the camera as you watch. In fact, it looks like it might have been cold when this one was made; the wind is whipping pretty good in the final scenes, and the snow on the ground seems as though it might be the real thing.

It's worth noting that Diskant would later film the stunning, snowy vistas of ON DANGEROUS GROUND (1952).

The supporting cast includes Steve Brodie, Tony Barrett, and James Nolan. This 61-minute film was directed by Lesley Selander.

GUNS OF HATE is available in a gorgeous print in the Tim Holt Western Classics Collection, Vol. 2.

It may also turn up on Turner Classic Movies.

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Blogger Varnsen said...

Great review. This aired late night last Friday here in Australia. It was a great way to start the weekend.

2:23 AM  
Blogger BreatherBoy said...

Just saw it today on TCM, 9/19/20.
Great Tim Holt movie.
Nice review.

6:42 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thank you both for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed the movie. :)

Best wishes,

11:47 AM  

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