Sunday, August 18, 2013

2013 D23 Expo: A Tribute to Mary Poppins (1964), Part Two

Time now for another look at last weekend's D23 Expo and the tribute to MARY POPPINS (1964)!

The Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit featured several costumes seen in the film.

This very recognizable costume Julie Andrews wore as Mary Poppins was on display...

...along with her carpet bag:

And here's Mary's "Jolly Holiday" dress and accessories:

A familiar dress and coat Karen Dotrice wore in many scenes as Jane:

And here's the coat Jane wears during the "I Love to Laugh" tea party:

This is the jacket worn by Michael (Matthew Garber) in the "Jolly Holiday" sequence:

Clothing worn by Mr. and Mrs. Banks (David Tomlinson and Glynis Johns):

Finally, here are a couple shots of various MARY POPPINS items which were available in conjunction with the film's release:

Additional photos of MARY POPPINS props and artwork, along with information about the MARY POPPINS events at the Expo, can be found in Part One.

Coming soon: more photos and commentary on the D23 Expo!


Blogger DKoren said...

I thought it was great timing... when I was at the movies yesterday, one of the previews was for "Saving Mr. Banks"! Looked pretty good.

Love the costume pics. So neat to see those!

10:20 AM  

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