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In Disney News...

It's time for some of the latest Disney news, as we head into the big D23 Expo weekend!

...Blogging will be light to nonexistent this weekend, as I will be at the Expo for all three days, from early in the morning till late at night. I expect to have plenty of photos and commentary to share in the coming days!

...I'll be posting updates and photos on Twitter throughout the weekend.

...This weekend marks Disney's third D23 Expo. I attended one day of the 2009 Expo, recounted here and here, and all three days of the 2011 Expo, described on August 19 and 30, as well as September 9, 2011.

...Disney fans who can't attend this year might want to download the 2013 Expo Guide might help in making the decision whether to attend a future Expo!

...The weekend schedule is also posted on the Expo website. My oldest daughter is hoping to get in to the big John Lasseter presentation of upcoming animated films first thing Friday, while I'm hoping to start off with Chief Archivist Emeritus Dave Smith's presentation "Behind the Scenes of Walt Disney's Mary Poppins." However, flexibility is always key at these types of events so we'll see what the weekend brings! The Disney on Broadway and Alan Menken/Richard Sherman concerts are high on our wish lists too.

...I'm excited about seeing Peter Ellenshaw's Disneyland painting under black light, along with other treasures, including props and costumes from MARY POPPINS (1964).

...Dateline Disneyland has a guide to the Expo, posted along with plenty of nice photos of summer in the parks.

...Jim Hill, noting some of the issues I have covered in my own Expo posts, asks "Will the Third Time Be the Charm for Disney's D23 Expo?"

...The cover of the fall issue of Disney Twenty-three magazine features the upcoming animated film FROZEN (2013). Also in this issue: a tribute to the late Annette Funicello, a look at Disney parks around the world, and an interview with Imagineering Legend Marty Sklar. Sklar has a brand-new book, DREAM IT! DO IT! MY HALF-CENTURY CREATING DISNEY'S MAGIC KINGDOMS.

...Halloweentime will return to Disneyland from September 13th through October 31, 2013.

...The Christmas season in Anaheim will run this year from November 12, 2013, through January 6, 2014. The festivities will include a return of the popular Three Kings Day celebration -- my photos of this year's celebration can be seen here -- and an all-new World of Color holiday show which will debut on November 15th.

...There's a wonderful post by Kimberly Lindbergs at the Turner Classic Movies Movie Morlocks site about an exhibit on the lives of Fred MacMurray and June Haver.  The exhibit has been put on by the Healdsburg Museum and Historical Society in Northern California. It's filled with photos and insights into the lives of MacMurray and Haver, who ranched in the area. Disney fans won't want to miss this post on one of the studio's most popular film stars, and if you're anywhere near Healdsburg, the exhibit runs through October 27th.

...Buzzfeed recently posted some fantastic photos and ads for Disneyland "Date Nites" of the '50s and '60s. One is posted here at the right -- be sure to click over and check out the rest. My dad said the Elliot Bros. Orchestra, seen in the Buzzfeed post on the "Date Night at Disneyland" LP cover, played at his high school prom! And here's a great link my dad tracked down of the Elliot Bros. and the (very young) Osmonds performing at Disneyland, originally from the "Disneyland After Dark" TV special.

...Leonard Maltin shares thoughts on Disney's Tony Baxter, Marty Sklar, Howard Green, and Bruce Reitherman.

...The stage production of THE LION KING returns to Los Angeles November 20, 2013, through January 14, 2014. It will play at the Pantages Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

...This chocolate chip cookie with ice cream at Big Thunder Ranch looks amazing! Must. Try. Soon.

...The Disneyland Cast Member Canoe Races just celebrated 50 years. I participated as a Disney employee in the '80s. We had to paddle two times around Tom Sawyer Island, as fast as we possibly could, and I can verify that it's very hard work! Disney produced some great artwork in honor of the event's Golden Anniversary, seen here.

...Here's the latest Disneyland Resort update from MiceAge, focusing on Tomorrowland rumors.

...A RATATOUILLE dark ride at Disneyland Paris is such a great idea!

...The first D23 Expo to be held in Japan will take place October 12 through 14, 2013.

...Club 33 will be remodeled. A new entrance from Court des Anges is being discussed, and there's a lot of concern from those of us who love that area of the park that access could be cut off. Many families like ours take Christmas pictures there every year, so if the entrance change is made hopefully Disneyland will find a way to keep the Court accessible to everyone, not just Club 33 guests.

...On August 20th, official 2-Disc CDs will be released with the music of Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The tracks included on each CD are listed by the Disney Parks Blog.

...I love this "Photos in Wonderland" post from last March focusing on details on California Adventure's Buena Vista Street.

...MouseAdventure is coming soon! The latest MouseAdventure game will take place at the Disneyland Resort on Sunday, September 29th. We had great fun playing MouseAdventure Musical earlier this year.

...For more Disney links, please visit the roundups from June and July!


Blogger redcon1 said...

Laura, stop by the Marceline-Walt Disney's Hometown Museum Exhibit and say hi to our friend Kaye Malins. The entire town of Marceline does an amazing job of honoring the legacy of Walt culminating in a September celebration called Toonfest.

12:20 PM  
Blogger Irene said...

I've been following your tweets plus every other Disney site out there to get all the news today. I'm not going this year but am keeping up with everything here at home. Glad you and your daughter are having so much fun. I did win today a tour of windows on Main Street led by the VP of Disneyland next Thursday. It's part of Limited Time Magic and I'm very excited!

9:43 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks so much for the tip, Redcon! Didn't get to that section of the floor today, but maybe tomorrow!

Irene, wish you could be there this year, was wondering if I might see you! Congrats on winning the tour of the Main Street Windows, that's marvelous!!!!! As I'm sure you heard today, Tony Baxter will soon have his own tribute window. :)

Best wishes,

10:28 PM  
Blogger Silver Screenings said...

Wow - the D23 Expo sounds intense, but it sounds like the place to be. Hope you're having a fun time!

1:48 PM  

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