Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In Disney News...

It's been a busy spring, and we're way overdue for a Disney News roundup!

...The Summer issue of Disney Twenty-three is now available. It includes a tribute to Disney Imagineering and Imagineering legend Tony Baxter, who recently retired. Beginning with this issue, Disney Twenty-three will no longer be available in stores such as Barnes & Noble; it's only available with a D23 Gold Membership. I hope the magazine maintains its excellent level of quality now that it will ostensibly have a smaller readership.

...Plans for this summer's D23 Expo are starting to take shape. The Expo will include a special theatrical performance, "Broadway and Beyond," on Friday, August 9th, and a joint concert starring Disney composers Richard Sherman and Alan Menken on Saturday, August 10th. Having seen Sherman perform at Destination D in 2010 and Menken at the same event in 2012, the prospect of seeing them together sounds terrific. The concert will take place in a 4000-seat theater and be simulcast into an overflow theater.

...This year the Expo's Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives will feature a special tribute to MARY POPPINS (1964), which celebrates its golden anniversary next year. The display will include the snow globe from "Feed the Birds," the nursery blocks from "A Spoonful of Sugar," Mary Poppins' carpet bag, Mary and Bert's carousel horses, and more!

...Disney plans to eliminate "digital copies" from its DVDs. Instead of accessing the digital copy via a disc, consumers will be able to download it from a website.

...Disneyland recently raised its prices again. Sigh.

...Disneyland's latest "Limited Time Magic" promotion sounds great: from June 23 to 27th, visitors will receive a reproduction of the 1963 Enchanted Tiki Room brochure.

...The Tiki Room's 50th anniversary is also being celebrated by a special merchandise event at the Disneyland Hotel on June 28th and 29th.

...Jim Korkis of MousePlanet wrote an interesting column, "Voices of the Disney Theme Parks." If I ever knew the late Disneyland announcer Jack Wagner was the brother of Roger Wagner of the Roger Wagner Chorale, I'd forgotten it! I also especially appreciated the section on Thurl Ravenscroft (aka Tony the Tiger).

...I recently learned about "Dapper Day" at Disneyland from friends. The L.A. Times wrote about it in March. It sounds like a fun event for those who appreciate vintage clothing styles!

...LILO & STITCH (2002) came out on Blu-ray earlier this week. Ultimate Disney has the rundown on special features, which are apparently completely lacking on the Blu-ray disc itself, though some are included on the standard DVD which is part of the set.

...PEZ has created versions of its famous candy dispensers for every Pixar character voiced by John Ratzenberger. Just three sets were made -- one for Ratzenberger, one for Disney/Pixar's John Lasseter, and one to display at PEZ headquarters.

...An upcoming Disney drama is titled THE FINEST HOURS, about a Coast Guard rescue in 1952.

...In one of the crazier Disney stories heard in recent months, Disney tried to trademark the phrase "Dia de los Muertos," the name of the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead. The trademark application was related to an upcoming Pixar film. Disney quickly withdrew the application when negative stories spread around the internet and announced the name of the film would be changed.

...Our family recently had a great time competing in the MouseAdventure Musical event. Our team, Skippers in De Nile, placed 43rd out of 131 teams in the Basic Division. We just made a top third finish!

...Tokyo Disneyland celebrated its 30th anniversary in April.

...The Disney Food Blog had a great post on a special dinner inside the Haunted Mansion celebrating the centennial of the birth of the late Imagineer Marc Davis.

...Don't miss this neat 1948 home movie footage of Walt Disney and Ward Kimball enjoying the backyard railroad set belonging to a friend of Kimball's.

...Ken Carson was a member of the Sons of the Pioneers. The great site The Ken Carson Tribute looks at Ken's role voicing the Wise Old Owl in Disney's SO DEAR TO MY HEART (1948). I reviewed SO DEAR TO MY HEART last summer.

...MONSTERS UNIVERSITY (2013) opens on June 21st, and the advance buzz on the film is excellent. Southern Californians have the option of seeing the film at the beautiful El Capitan Theatre. The marketing of this film has been amazing; don't miss "A Message From the Dean" and more videos.

...Notable Passings: Disney editor Norman Palmer has passed away at the age of 94. He worked at Disney for 45 years and was particularly known for his work on the True-Life Adventures documentary series...Longtime Disneyland employee Beverly Butrum died at 88.

...For more Disney links, please visit the February roundup!


Blogger Dolly Madison said...

Aww, thanks for the shoutout for the Ken Carson Tribute! What a swell post. Have you ever been to Disneyland? We went in 2008 and had a blast-- which was a surprise to me. I thought it was going to be horrid. XD

Say, did you know that Thurl Ravenscroft was also a member of the Sons of the Pioneers? He was their bass in the 1960s ,if I recall the date right.

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