Sunday, June 09, 2013

Today at Disneyland: Mickey's Compass Quest

I spent a few wonderful hours at Disneyland today!

It was overcast in the morning, but the flowers were so bright they offset the "June gloom," and the sun came out in full force later in the day.

Here's one of Donald's relatives searching for stray popcorn amidst the flowers at the Hub:

More flowers from the center of the park:

And I photographed these later in the day near the train station:

Disneyland's latest Limited Time Magic promotion was "Mickey's Compass Quest," which worked similarly to the Easter Egg Hunt which took place earlier this spring at Disney California Adventure.

We received a map which sent us searching for compass symbols around the park:

Here's an example of the compass found near Rapunzel's cottage in Fantasyland, hiding next to the sign:

Unlike the Easter Egg Hunt, the compass search was free, so the only prize at the end was a sticker! It was a fun "search" activity which provided a great excuse to get some exercise walking all around the park. I enjoy these low-key "Limited Time Magic" promotions which provide something a little different to focus on while enjoying the park.

By early afternoon the sun was shining. The end of school and the start of summer aren't until next week, but it certainly felt like summer today at the park:

I popped into California Adventure for a few minutes before heading home, and there was a definite summer vibe on Buena Vista Street as well:

I'm looking forward to summer days at the parks filled with rides, fireworks, flowers, bands, and ice cream cones.  Happy Summer!


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