Sunday, October 13, 2013

Around the Blogosphere This Week

Miscellaneous bits of news and fun stuff from around the Internet...

...VIVIEN LEIGH: AN INTIMATE PORTRAIT has just been published. Author Kendra Bean of Viv and Larry was interviewed at the TCM Movie Morlocks site.

...There's another interesting author interview at Immortal Ephemera, where Cliff talks to Christina Rice, author of the new book ANN DVORAK: HOLLYWOOD'S FORGOTTEN REBEL. It's due out November 4th from the University Press of Kentucky. Christina also has a blog on Dvorak.

...World War II hero and Western star Audie Murphy has been posthumously honored by his home state with the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor.

...Continuing the WWII theme, Aurora shares lots of great photos of the Hollywood Canteen at Once Upon a Screen.

...This week's YouTube find: Disney's hard-to-see THE SWORD AND THE ROSE (1953), starring Glynis Johns and Richard Todd. That and WESTWARD HO THE WAGONS! (1956) are at the top of my list of films I wish Disney would put out on DVD. Along with, of course, SONG OF THE SOUTH (1946), but that goes without saying.

...Earlier today I loved Joel McCrea in WICHITA (1955). Over at Lasso the Movies Paul reviews another McCrea Western I haven't seen yet, COLORADO TERRITORY (1949). COLORADO TERRITORY costars Virginia Mayo and was directed by Raoul Walsh, remaking his own HIGH SIERRA (1941).

...One of these days I may need to order a copy of this cookbook by Vincent Price and his wife Mary.

...Dumb idea of the week: There are plans afoot to reboot the classic Pierce Brosnan-Stephanie Zimbalist series REMINGTON STEELE as a 30-minute sitcom. I fervently second my daughter's comment to me that she hopes the idea "will die in development hell."

...There seems to be '80s remake mania going on out there, as there's also talk of bringing back one of the classic primetime soaps, FALCON CREST. It's hard to imagine the show without Jane Wyman.

...I love to spot the Angels' Flight railway in Los Angeles in films such CRISS CROSS (1949) and THE TURNING POINT (1952). This week the Los Angeles Times took a look at the railway's problematic safety record. (Photo credit: USC Archives.)

...The latest trailer for MONUMENTS MEN (2013) is excellent. This true WWII story stars George Clooney and an all-star cast. It will be out just before Christmas.

...Kellee pays tribute to one of her favorite October movies, ARSENIC AND OLD LACE (1946), at Outspoken and Freckled.

...Fantastic news for fans of DR. WHO: nine missing episodes from the 1960s have been discovered in Nigeria, of all places! The BBC had the unfortunate habit of tossing out old tapes to save on storage space; the newly discovered programs had been transferred to film for foreign broadcast. DR. WHO celebrates its 50th anniversary next month with a worldwide simulcast.

...One of many enjoyable experiences at this year's TCM Classic Film Festival was seeing 95-year-old actress Fay McKenzie (seen at left) introducing some color home movies, including footage of her brother-in-law, comedian Billy Gilbert, and shots of her performing with Desi Arnaz in a USO show during WWII. I just came across a very interesting interview Mike Fitzgerald conducted with McKenzie, available at the Western Clippings site.

...The other day Kristina shared great color ads featuring Douglas Fairbanks Jr. at Speakeasy.

...And there's a terrific selection of stills and posters featuring Lizabeth Scott at Where Danger Lives -- along with the intriguing news that Mark has a film noir book project in the works! Those of us who love his site will be anxious to hear more.

...Here's a good-looking book which came out this summer: LATE LIFE JAZZ: THE LIFE AND CAREER OF ROSEMARY CLOONEY by Ken Crosland and Malcolm Macfarlane. It was published by Oxford University Press.


...Former LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE star Melissa Gilbert has moved to Howell, Michigan, along with her new husband, actor-director Timothy Busfield. She's sporadically chronicling this life change at a blog, Melissa's Mid-life Musings. She writes, "I'm ready to live somewhere that I don't have to practically kill myself to be a size two or remain looking like I haven't aged past forty." She can also be found on Twitter, where she's shared a photo of their new home.

...Paula has shared a lovely tribute to her aunt, who just passed away, at Paula's Cinema Club. "Watching Movies With Aunt Mary" is a special read.

Have a great week!


Blogger Citizen Screen said...

Great as usual, Laura.

Thanks so much for the mention AND reminders of so much I've yet to read. The Rosemary Clooney book looks great. I love her. And I have to wait to gt over to visit Raquel's review of Room 1219 because I'm about to get to that book as well.

Just great.


5:08 AM  
Blogger Kristina said...

hi Laura, thanks for the mention. Love that there are so many bloggers with books! and Dumb idea of the week is right; isn't it sad there are enough dumb ideas to be able to make such a weekly schedule possible. as for the Vincent Price cookbook, ask Karen someday about hers and you might just lol. best!

7:58 AM  

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