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TCM in September: Highlights

The summer is sadly drawing to its close, but Turner Classic Movies ensures we'll all have a wonderful September with an extra-fantastic schedule.

Melvyn Douglas is the September Star of the Month beginning on Wednesday, September 3rd.

Fridays in September are also quite exciting, as TCM is expanding its Friday Night Spotlight franchise and featuring 24-hour marathons of pre-Code classics each and every Friday in September, beginning on the 5th.

I'll have more information about the Star of the Month and Friday pre-Code schedules next week. (Update: Please visit TCM Star of the Month: Melvyn Douglas and TCM Friday Spotlight: Pre-Codes.)

In the meantime, here's a look at just a few of the other interesting titles airing on TCM this month. All title links lead to my past reviews.

...Joel McCrea and Fay Wray star in the classic pre-Code adventure THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME (1932) on Monday, September 1st.

...William Holden is being honored with a tribute during the daytime hours on Tuesday, September 2nd. I very strongly recommend FORCE OF ARMS (1951), a WWII romance costarring Nancy Olson, which I saw for the first time just last week.

...The colorful MEET ME IN LAS VEGAS (1957), starring Cyd Charisse and Dan Dailey, is a perfect film to chase away the end-of-summer blues. Cyd has some great dances, and she's beautifully costumed by Helen Rose. It airs on September 3rd.

...On September 4th, Tim Holt and Bonita Granville star in Edward Dmytryk's HITLER'S CHILDREN (1943).

...I wrote about seeing THE SNIPER (1952) for the first time earlier this month. It airs on September 4th. Adolphe Menjou as a rumpled police detective, sans mustache, was unexpected casting.

...A day of movies about horses on September 8th includes WILD STALLION (1952) with Ben Johnson and Martha Hyer, who passed on earlier this summer.

...I "zoned out" in the middle of the British comedy ON APPROVAL (1944) at this year's TCM Fest -- 14 movies in 3-1/2 days will do that to anyone! -- and consequently found myself a bit confused, especially as I had trouble keeping the leading men straight. I'm curious to take another look. It's on September 8th. The movie stars Beatrice Lillie, Googie Withers, Roland Culver, and Clive Brook, directed by Brook. Please visit Kim's post at I See a Dark Theater for much more on this unique film.

...ROSEANNA MCCOY (1949) is on the schedule September 9th, after being dropped from the tentative online schedule earlier this year. Farley Granger and Joan Evans star, with an interesting supporting cast playing the Hatfields and McCoys.

...September 10th is a terrific day for fans of "B" movies, with several lesser-known titles on the schedule and casts including Regis Toomey, Julie Bishop, and Robert Sterling. I'm especially interested to see Edward Arnold as a blind detective in THE HIDDEN EYE (1945), as I enjoyed his first film as the same character, EYES IN THE NIGHT (1942). FOLLOW ME QUIETLY (1949) with William Lundigan is a good one airing on this date.

...My husband fondly recalls ZEBRA IN THE KITCHEN (1965) with Martin Milner and Jay North (DENNIS THE MENACE). I've calendared to record it on September 11th.

...Those who missed SKYLARK (1941) on Claudette Colbert Day this month have another chance on September 14th. It's not the best film made by Colbert, Ray Milland, and Brian Aherne, but they're great company even in a weaker vehicle.

...A 24-hour tribute to the late Lauren Bacall begins Monday evening, September 15th, and concludes on her birthday, September 16th. Please visit my post TCM Remembers Lauren Bacall for details.

...The theme is "Bad Boys of the '50s" on September 17th, and the films include Sterling Hayden in THE ASPHALT JUNGLE (1950), Charles McGraw in the fantastic THE NARROW MARGIN (1952), and Hayden and Frank Sinatra in SUDDENLY (1954).

...Errol Flynn, Ruth Roman, and Raymond Burr star in MARA MARU (1952), directed by Gordon Douglas, on September 20th.

...One of my favorite Esther Williams films, NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTER (1949), airs on Sunday, September 21st. Ricardo Montalban, Betty Garrett, and Red Skelton costar. The film introduced the Oscar-winning "Baby It's Cold Outside."

...THE OFFICE WIFE (1930) is an entertaining hour-long pre-Code starring Dorothy Mackaill, Lewis Stone, and Joan Blondell. It's shown on the 22nd.

...Dennis O'Keefe and Maureen O'Sullivan star in the programmer HOLD THAT KISS (1938) on September 23rd.

...Another Esther Williams favorite, EASY TO LOVE (1953), airs on September 24th. Van Johnson and Tony Martin costar.

...There's more Dennis O'Keefe on September 25th, when TCM honors him with a tribute showcasing his work in half a dozen films, including Anthony Mann's RAW DEAL (1948) and T-MEN (1947). O'Keefe is an actor I've really come to appreciate in recent years, and I'm delighted that TCM is honoring him in this way. Until then, check out Kristina's O'Keefe photo gallery at Speakeasy!

...The 1929 version of THE DESERT SONG airs on September 29th.

...Favorite screen team Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland star in the Western DODGE CITY (1939) later on September 29th.

...A September 30th tribute to Deborah Kerr includes the very entertaining MGM film THE HUCKSTERS (1947), also starring Clark Gable and Ava Gardner.

For much more on TCM in September, please consult the complete schedule.


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