Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy Birthday, Anne Jeffreys!

Actress Anne Jeffreys turns 93 today.

Anne was born on January 26, 1923, in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

In addition to starring in many films, Anne has been a longtime presence on TV, including TOPPER (1953-55) and a lengthy run on GENERAL HOSPITAL (1984-2004).

Her numerous musical theater roles included replacing Patricia Morison in the title role in the original Broadway run of KISS ME, KATE. It's nice to note that original KATE star Patricia Morison is also still with us, due to turn 101 in a few weeks' time.

Anne was married to actor Robert Sterling from 1951 until his passing in 2006. They had three sons. Anne was the stepmother of actress Tisha Sterling, Robert Sterling's daughter with actress Ann Sothern.

A photo gallery to celebrate Anne on her special day:

DILLINGER (1945) with Lawrence Tierney:

As Tess Truehart in DICK TRACY VS. CUEBALL (1946), with Morgan Conway:

RIFFRAFF (1947) with Pat O'Brien:

I was fortunate to see Anne in person two years ago at a tribute to Loretta Young and snapped this photo:

Happiest birthday wishes to Anne Jeffreys!

Anne Jeffreys films previously reviewed at Laura's Miscellaneous Musings: NEVADA (1944) (also here), THOSE ENDEARING YOUNG CHARMS (1945), DILLINGER (1945), STEP BY STEP (1946), RIFFRAFF (1947), TRAIL STREET (1947), RETURN OF THE BAD MEN (1948), and BOYS' NIGHT OUT (1962).

Updates: Here are reviews of I MARRIED AN ANGEL (1942) and CHATTERBOX (1943).

September 28, 2017 Update: Anne Jeffreys Dies at 94.

September 2019 Update: I've written about Anne's early "B" Western work for Classic Movie Hub, focusing CALLING WILD BILL ELLIOTT (1943), the first of several films in which she appeared with Elliott.

May 2020 Update: Here's a review of Anne's second film with Wild Bill Elliott, THE MAN FROM THUNDER RIVER (1943).


Blogger Jerry E said...

A nice tribute, Laura, on a special day.

My special memories of Anne are of the eight films for Republic (1943-44) in which she co-starred with Wild Bill Elliott and 'Gabby' Hayes and then her two westerns with Randolph Scott - "TRAIL STREET" and as 'bad' girl Cheyenne in "RETURN OF THE BAD MEN". She was ALWAYS memorable. Happy Birthday!

10:09 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks so much, Jerry! I need to see her in those Elliott films for sure! Really enjoyed her in the two Scott films last year.

Best wishes,

10:47 PM  

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