Wednesday, May 25, 2016

TCM Announces Tiffany Vazquez as Saturday Afternoon Host

Turner Classic Movies continued a string of major recent announcements yesterday with the news that Tiffany Vazquez has been signed as TCM's new Saturday afternoon on-air host.

This news follows TCM's announcements of the FilmStruck streaming service and TCM Backlot fan club, which were both launched during last month's TCM Classic Film Festival.

Tiffany, who has a graduate degree in cinema from New York University, was first seen on TCM as the winner of the channel's Ultimate Fan contest in 2014. I met her at the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival, to which she was invited as the contest winner, and found her very nice.

More recently, I photographed Tiffany on the red carpet at this year's TCM Classic Film Festival, where she served as a "roving reporter":

In December Tiffany hosted the TCM Spotlight series "Girlfriends."

TCM accompanied the host news with a three-minute video in which Tiffany discusses the importance not only of movies and TCM, but of social media. She goes by the handle @filmiliarface on Twitter.

Tiffany has given an interview about her new role to R. Thomas Umstead at Multichannel News.

As the third permanent host in TCM's 22-year history, it won't escape most viewers that Tiffany will bring a certain level of "diversity" to the channel, being younger, female, and ethnic. Hopefully she will help TCM continue to attract younger viewers to the channel; those fans are certainly out there, as a look around the crowds at the TCM film festival will attest.

For more coverage of the news, please visit Will McKinley's post at Cinematically Insane.

Although Tiffany is the first permanent female host on TCM, hopefully TCM fans will also continue to see more of Illeana Douglas, who hosted TCM's "Second Looks" series in 2013 and "Trailblazing Women" in 2015. Douglas has proven to be a capable and engaging host at the TCM Classic Film Festival, where I saw her introduce several titles this year. Like Tiffany, Illeana regularly engages with film fans on Twitter, where her handle is @Illeanarama.

Recently actress Madeleine Stowe has been filling in on the network for Robert Osborne, who has been attending to health issues. Stowe was also a guest at the 2015 TCM Classic Film Festival, where she discussed her love of classic films and TCM with Douglas, seen above (photo courtesy of TCM). I'd enjoy seeing more of Stowe on the network as well.

And while we're at it, Eddie Muller's hosting of the 2015 Summer of Darkness was outstanding.  It would be great if TCM utilizes him again, and I'd like to see them include his Film Noir Foundation colleague, the warm and knowledgeable Alan K. Rode.

Hopefully Robert Osborne will be back on the air at TCM very soon, but TCM must naturally also look ahead to the future.

Best wishes to Tiffany as she embarks on her exciting new job!

Update: Lou Lumenick has interviewed Tiffany for the New York Post.


Blogger KC said...

I figured it was just a matter of time before TCM made Tiffany a more permanent part of the channel, but I didn't think she'd become a third major host! She certainly has what it takes. Would love to see Douglas and Stowe get more airtime as well, but I am so down with Ms. Vasquez!

12:12 PM  
Blogger Ana Roland said...

MULLER MULLER MULLER Please! Just spent a delightful weekend with Eddie Muller hosting at NOIR CITY AUSTIN. He was the highlight for me at all the films he introduced at the TCM Classic Film Festival. He is knowledgeable and engaging on so many topics but especially about films!I hope that he will be involved with curating some of the programming for #FilmStruck especially some Noir films which were so popular during The Summer Of Darkness and continue to be sought out....

9:29 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Would like to give Tiffany a big hand of applause for her contribution to the TCM team. She is professional, knows her movies well, and brings alot of new and younger audience to the show. However, she just has to stop positioning her arms and hands since it is most annoying. It takes away the content of what she is saying. She can put her hands to the front and leave them there...and only move them to reinforce a point.

12:54 PM  
Blogger Herrera said...

Tiffany Vazquez is great.

3:48 PM  

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