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TCM in August: Summer Under the Stars Highlights

I'm always a bit sad when July comes to an end, but happily we can all look forward to Summer Under the Stars in August on TCM!

For a quick look at the 31 actors being celebrated this month, please visit my May preview post.

As usual, TCM also has a special Summer Under the Stars microsite with full details about the month ahead on TCM, and viewers might also want to take a look at a minute-long video about the upcoming month which TCM posted on Twitter.

The regular schedule is also available.

A note regarding the online schedule: In recent months the photo at the top of the TCM schedule has at times been misleading, not matching up with the month's schedule. To be sure you're looking at the correct schedule, check the date at the end of the web address; for August it should read "2017-08-01."

TCM fans should also note that August is sadly the last month of the print edition of TCM's Now Playing guide; we learned back in April that beginning in September the guide will only be available digitally.

There are many favorite actors and wonderful days ahead on TCM this month! Here are just a few of the August highlights on Turner Classic Movies. Click any hyperlinked title for my review.

...The festival begins with Marilyn Monroe on August 1st. I'd like to see NIAGARA (1953) again; I was surprised to realize it's already been seven years since I first saw it! Joseph Cotten and Jean Peters costar, and there's some spectacular location shooting.

...One of my favorite days on the schedule is Ray Milland Day on August 2nd. ALIAS NICK BEAL (1949) is a real treat, and I'm surprised that TCM isn't showing this film until 9 Pacific/Midnight Eastern time. The Now Playing guide doesn't indicate it's a TCM premiere, but it's surely a rarity on TCM, though it's been seen at Noir City fests in recent years. I saw it at Noir City Hollywood in 2014. The great Audrey Totter costars.

...Another great day on the schedule is Claire Trevor Day on August 4th. So many fun movies! Titles include ALLEGHENY UPRISING (1939) with John Wayne, which I just reviewed a few days ago, and one of my all-time favorite film noir titles, BORN TO KILL (1947), for anyone who missed the Noir Alley screening this past weekend.

...Gene Kelly Dad on August 5th has plenty of great musicals, of course, but fans may also want to check out one of his earliest films, a dramatic role in PILOT #5 (1943), which I recently reviewed. Franchot Tone, Marsha Hunt, and Van Johnson costar.

...August 6th marks the centennial of Robert Mitchum's birth, and TCM will honor him with a day of Mitchum films. I've seen a majority of the films being shown that day and you really can't go wrong with any of them! For something which mixes film noir with pure wackiness, check out HIS KIND OF WOMAN (1951), costarring Jane Russell, Raymond Burr, Tim Holt, and a giddy Vincent Price.

...Eleanor Parker has a great day on August 7th, featuring diverse titles ranging from the comedy of A MILLIONAIRE FOR CHRISTY (1951) with Fred MacMurray to the good Western ESCAPE FROM FORT BRAVO (1953) with William Holden to her Oscar-nominated turn in the prison drama CAGED (1950). I particularly recommend a couple of prime time films: SCARAMOUCHE (1952), seen at right, in which she's simply splendid opposite Stewart Granger, and THE NAKED JUNGLE (1954), where she faces down killer ants with Charlton Heston.

...Another day I love on the schedule is August 8th, Franchot Tone Day. There are more new-to-me titles on this list. I particularly recommend taking a look at THE GIRL FROM MISSOURI (1934) opposite Jean Harlow.

...I was pleasantly surprised by DOCTOR, YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING! (1967), starring an adorable Sandra Dee. Her day of films is on August 9th.

...You can't ever go wrong with BACHELOR MOTHER (1939), showing on Ginger Rogers Day, August 11th. David Niven costars in one of my all-time favorite comedies.

...John Wayne Day is August 12th. It's all good. Enough said?

...August 13th features Barbara Stanwyck. One of my favorite Stanwyck pre-Codes is THE PURCHASE PRICE, in which she's the mail order bride of frequent costar George Brent. William Wellman directed. Then stick around to see the same actors a little over a decade later in the wonderful MY REPUTATION (1946), filmed circa 1943 but (like a number of other titles), held back by Warner Bros. until after the war.

...Another favorite, Ricardo Montalban, has a day on August 15th. You can see his dancing talent opposite Cyd Charisse in FIESTA (1947) and ON AN ISLAND WITH YOU (1948). Other favorites are TWO WEEKS WITH LOVE (1950) with Jane Powell and the Boston-set police procedural MYSTERY STREET (1950).

...On Rosalind Russell Day, August 17th, I especially recommend WHAT A WOMAN (1943). She's an agent, he's a magazine reporter, and together they're great fun.

...August 18th is Rod Taylor Day, which means SUNDAY IN NEW YORK (1963). I love this charming comedy which costars Jane Fonda and Cliff Robertson.

...It's hard to believe Angela Lansbury was about 19 years old in THE HARVEY GIRLS (1946). What a talent. This favorite musical has a great cast including Judy Garland, John Hodiak, Cyd Charisse, and Preston Foster. It's on Lansbury's day on August 19th.

...I've seen all but one movie showing on Cary Grant Day, August 20th. Last year I had a chance to revisit IN NAME ONLY (1939) on a big screen at UCLA, which left me loving this gorgeous soap opera even more than I already did. Carole Lombard and Kay Francis costar.

...It's Christmas in August with IT HAPPENED ON FIFTH AVENUE (1947), showing on Ann Harding Day August 21st.

...Having been to San Francisco recently, I'd like to revisit EXPERIMENT IN TERROR (1962), which has some of the best San Francisco location photography ever. It stars Glenn Ford and Lee Remick; the movie will be shown on Ford's day on August 22nd.

...August 23rd is devoted to Greer Garson. One of her lesser-known films with Walter Pidgeon is SCANDAL AT SCOURIE (1953), in which some folks in a small Canadian town are perturbed when a Protestant couple (Garson and Pidgeon) adopt a little Catholic girl (Donna Corcoran). Garson and Pidgeon are charming; he's a shy, quirky storekeeper (an especially fine performance), and she's a can-do whirlwind.

...I'm thrilled Dennis Morgan has a day on August 24th! I've seen a majority of the films, and I particularly recommend one of my favorite WWII romances, THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU (1944) with Eleanor Parker, and the lovely Technicolor musical THE DESERT SONG (1943).

...One of my all-time favorite James Cagney movies is THE GALLANT HOURS (1960). Cagney plays Admiral William F. Halsey in a fascinating look at leadership under pressure. Cagney's close friend Robert Montgomery directed and narrated; they're seen together at the left. James Cagney Day is August 26th.

...Leslie Caron will be celebrated on August 27th. Last year I wrote about her very special Cinderella film, THE GLASS SLIPPER (1955), which will be shown on that date. I also posted a special photo gallery of stills from my collection.

...A number of Marion Davies films I've not yet seen look interesting on August 29th. I found BLONDIE OF THE FOLLIES (1932) interesting a few years ago. Robert Montgomery costars.

...Another favorite day on the schedule is George Sanders Day on August 30th. So much good stuff, including a Saint and a Falcon film. The day also includes my very favorite Alfred Hitchcock film, FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT (1940), also starring Joel McCrea and Laraine Day. It's a great mix of suspense, humor, and unforgettable suspense set pieces.

...The month comes to a close honoring Elizabeth Taylor on August 31st. I really enjoyed revisiting FATHER OF THE BRIDE (1950) last summer and recommend it. Spencer Tracy and Joan Bennett costar, directed by Vincente Minnelli.

Enjoy Summer Under the Stars!


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There are very few differences in the TCM and the TCM Canada schedule, but one of them is that they can't screen Foreign Correspondent. I'll have to borrow the DVD from my sister.

The line-up of films for this month is outstanding. So pleased to see you are another fan of The Gallant Hours. I think it is outstanding.

Days of Ann Harding, Franchot Tone and Dennis Morgan make me very happy indeed.

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