Sunday, October 22, 2017

Quick Preview of TCM in January

The tentative January schedule for Turner Classic Movies is now available!

As an introductory side note, a reminder that while the header photo at the top of the linked schedule is for the current month of October, the schedule itself is for January. The web address for the January schedule ends in "2018-1-01."

Charles Boyer will be the January Star of the Month. If my records are correct, this will be Boyer's first time for that honor. Over 20 Boyer films will be shown on Thursdays in January, with many wonderful films on the schedule. (Where, though, is my favorite Boyer film, HISTORY IS MADE AT NIGHT? Sigh...)

In other January TCM news, I'm especially pleased that Paramount's HOLIDAY INN (1942) turned up on the New Year's Day schedule. It's been rarely shown on TCM...if ever? (P.S. Further research shows HOLIDAY INN aired on TCM as recently as 2015!)

The January Spotlight theme seems to be survival movies, with titles such as FIVE CAME BACK (1939), INFERNO (1953), and RUN FOR THE SUN (1956) being shown on Friday evenings.

January multifilm tributes will include W.C. Fields, A. Edward Sutherland, Yul Brynner, Luise Rainer, Joel McCrea, Fred Astaire, Claudette Colbert, and Ernst Lubitsch, plus prime time tributes to Gene Tierney and Edmond O'Brien.

I suspect a prime time double bill of James Stewart and Henry Fonda in THE CHEYENNE SOCIAL CLUB (1970) and FIRECREEK (1968) might feature Scott Eyman, author of a new book on Stewart and Fonda.

Among TCM's January themes: Heist films, biographies, sci-fi, animal movies, the Soviet Union, sports, farmers, midnight, New York City, and 1960s musicals.

I'll have more detailed information on TCM's January schedule posted here ahead of New Year's Day.

In the meantime, Anthony Perkins is the October Star of the Month, with James Stewart in November and Lana Turner in December.

Update: For much more on TCM in January 2018, please visit TCM in January: Highlights and TCM Star of the Month: Charles Boyer.


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