Thursday, January 11, 2018

Photos From the Road: Highway 395 and More

It's been a while since I posted photos from last summer's big road trip to Oregon and back! Though I've shared them in several posts, with the links all gathered here, there are still a few left!

This group of photos is from our drive from Oregon south into California's High Sierras and then further down the 395. Later on I'll be sharing photos from the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco to finally wrap up this series!

First, an early morning look at our favorite stop in Oregon, Dutch Bros. Love their hot cocoa!

As we headed through Oregon towards California we made a stop at Salt Creek Falls, described online as "One of 7 Waterfall Wonders in the Eugene, Cascades & Coast Region."

It was very pretty, although the shadows at that time of day made it difficult to get good photos!

Back in California, there were interesting things to photograph as we passed through Tulelake:

Shortly after we got home I learned that the late Huell Howser filmed an episode of CALIFORNIA'S GOLD in Tulelake, which can be viewed via Chapman University's Huell Howser Archives.

Big Valley, California, is run-down in an interesting sort of way:

Driving to the Sierras from Oregon is interesting in that we drive into California, then Nevada and finally back into California! Topaz Lake is at the Nevada-California border:

The Topaz Lake re-entry station into California:

California is kind of odd in that you almost feel you're returning from a foreign country when you cross the border into the state, due to agricultural inspection stations such as the one above.

I was so happy to arrive back in our favorite town, Bridgeport!

And to visit our favorite bakery!! You can find many more Bridgeport photos by using the search box at the upper left corner of this page. Among other things, the movies OUT OF THE PAST (1947) and NIGHTFALL (1957) were filmed in Bridgeport.

Our June trip wrapped up with a one-night stop in Lone Pine! Several of the streets in Lone Pine are named after the Western stars who filmed movies there, including one of my favorites:

We returned to Lone Pine in October for the Lone Pine Film Festival, which I've already chronicled here.

Coming in the future: Photos from our visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco.


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