Monday, June 03, 2019

Friday at Disneyland: Opening Day of Galaxy's Edge, Part 3

Time for Part 3 of my four-part series on the Opening Day of Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland!

In Part 1 I took a look at our arrival process on Disneyland's big day, while in Part 2 I shared photos of the Millennium Falcon and my impressions of the new Smugglers Run ride.

In Part 3 we'll focus mostly on shopping, beginning with Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities:

This is a store, but it may as well be an attraction itself, there's so much to look at. There are fascinating items for sale as well as on exhibit  -- and I hear that if you look carefully, there's even an ark (as in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK) semi-hidden on the top floor. I'll hunt for that next time!

Since our visit I've read about so many interesting things I didn't see Friday that I have a feeling I'll still be discovering new sights a year from now. There are lots more photos of Dok-Ondar's at All Ears Net.

None of the stores or restaurants have names outside which are visible in English, which meant I wasn't always sure of the names of the places I walked into! There is a phone app with a translation device which will "read" the hieroglyphics on the walls and tell us the names on future visits.

The Marketplace is another stunner.

Not only are there many fascinating nooks and crannies, but the Cast Members all role play and interact with guests in character.

I love the details in each store, such as the threads in this shop:

I also loved the lifelike loth cat seen in a crate in one of the stores...

...and decided to get one of my own. (Hey, the Los Angeles Times pronounced the loth cat "irresistible"...they were right!) I had to promise that I would give it a good home.

Later, when we took our second ride on Smugglers Run, I was very carefully warned not to let my loth cat out of its carrier during the flight, because who knows what might happen?!

I also picked up a Black Spire Outpost t-shirt in the marketplace:

We visited the fascinating Droid Depot...

...and watched guests choose parts off conveyor belts and build their own droids. I loved the drills hanging down from the ceiling, used to build the droids.

Various computer chips can be purchased to customize their behavior.

Our oldest son got to do this when he attended a Cast Member preview with a friend and brought home a rather remarkable droid creation; he also built his own light saber at Savi's Workshop. It's not inexpensive, but it's fun! We were content simply to watch the droid-building on this visit, but I have a feeling a custom light saber may be in my husband's future.

We visited Ronto Roasters and tried the spicy turkey jerky; it was a bit dry and I didn't find it particularly spicy, but it was an okay quick snack. (More on Galaxy's Edge food will be covered in the final post in this series.)

The food in this grill is cooked by a pod racer engine!

Just as everywhere else, there is so much to take in. One more shot from inside the Ronto Roasters building:

We also ran into Rey while we were exploring! Chewbacca and Kylo Ren were seen elsewhere in the Black Spire Outpost.

Coming soon: The final entry in this series, taking a look at vehicles and other sights seen around the Black Spire Outpost, plus the Docking Bay 7 restaurant.


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