Thursday, March 12, 2020

2020 Noir City Hollywood Film Festival Cancelled Beginning March 12th

As regular readers know, for the last few days I've been enjoying visits to the 22nd Annual Noir City Film Festival in Hollywood, which opened last Friday.

I had anticipated being there again this evening, as well as most of the day on both Saturday and Sunday. However, as everyone knows, things have been changing quickly due to the ongoing issues surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

Last night we were advised that the festival would be continuing, but that that could change at any time based on guidance from the city or other governmental authorities. And indeed, that's just what happened, as late last evening the State of California strongly recommended that events with more than 250 people be cancelled for the time being.

Full refunds for unused tickets are available.

Needless to say this is sad news, but just as with the cancellation of next's month's TCM Classic Film Festival, it's completely understandable.

I'm happy that at least I was able to see several interesting films at the festival, including THE BEAST MUST DIE (1952), and last night I really enjoyed Victoria Mature's stories about life with her dad, Victor Mature, before a screening of his film THE LONG HAUL (1957).

In the near future I'll be posting reviews of two more films seen at the festival, GILDA (1946) and THE DEVIL STRIKES AT NIGHT (1957).

Update: I just read on the Noir City Instagram account that they hope to screen the remaining days of this fest at the Egyptian later in the year. Truly good news!


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