Thursday, March 12, 2020

2020 TCM Classic Film Festival Cancelled

Sad news today: The 2020 TCM Classic Film Festival has been cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

The news was not a surprise, as many other events have been cancelled or postponed this week, especially in the last 24 hours, but of course it was still sad to receive the official confirmation. The festival had been scheduled to take place in Hollywood from April 16th to 19th.

Ben Mankiewicz shared the news in a video available on the TCM Twitter account. The link was also included in an email to attendees.

TCM said today: "We assure you that we will begin planning the next TCM Classic Film Festival soon and will endeavor to make the 2021 edition the best Festival yet. We expect dates for the 2021 TCM Classic Film Festival to be announced in late summer or early fall of 2020."

I will really miss a favorite annual event, particularly seeing my friends from all over the U.S. and beyond. The schedule announced to date was truly exciting, and hopefully the films announced thus far for this year's festival will instead be screened in 2021!

As always, I will bring my readers all future updates on the TCM Classic Film Festival. In the meantime, my best wishes to all readers for continued good health as we deal with an unprecedented national and worldwide situation.

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Blogger Seth said...

Well, I'm very disappointed, too, as I was really looking forward to attending the Festival again. I haven't decided whether I'll still travel or just cancel my whole trip. Maybe we'll even get to meet up sometime before next year's Festival--whenever Disneyland reopens....

8:40 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hi Seth! I'm so disappointed as well. It's going to be interesting see how quickly places like Disneyland are able to reopen. Do keep me posted on your trip, and we'll hope to meet up later this year or at least by the 2021 Fest!

Best wishes,

11:40 AM  

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