Thursday, February 04, 2021

Quick Preview of TCM in April

Thanks to a schedule posted by MovieCollectorOhio, I'm able to share a preview of the April schedule on Turner Classic Movies.

April will feature the network's annual 31 Days of Oscar series. The Oscar festival, which has been held in February for the last few years, was moved to April this year to coincide with the Oscar ceremony which is currently planned for April 25th.

31 Days of Oscar will run from April 1st through May 1st, with the final film airing in the early morning hours of May 2nd.

The films shown during "Oscar Month" don't tend to vary a great deal, as every film shown was nominated for or won the Academy Award, so instead TCM "changes up" the way the films are presented. This year TCM is bringing back its "Oscars A to Z" schedule last used in 2017.

The month begins with ADAM'S RIB (1949) on April 1st and concludes at the beginning of May with Z (1969).

While there typically aren't a great many new discoveries during the 31 Days of Oscar for longtime film fans, it's a month filled quality viewing. It's an especially excellent time for newer film enthusiasts to watch some wonderful classic cinema.

As usual, Noir Alley, Silent Sunday Nights, and other regular TCM franchises go on vacation for Oscars month.

I'll have more on the April schedule posted here on or before April 1st. In the meantime, John Garfield is currently the February Star of the Month, and Doris Day will be featured in March.

Update: For more on TCM in April 2021, please visit TCM in April: 31 Days of Oscar Highlights.


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