Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Disneyland: 2016 Visit to Club 33

It's a good day in Southern California, with the state somewhat "reopening" and Disneyland simultaneously mostly ditching masks, at least for guests. I'm looking forward to returning to Disneyland at long last sometime this summer!

Today is also the anniversary of Disneyland's private fine dining restaurant, Club 33, which first opened its doors on June 15, 1967.

Given that anniversary and today's good news, this seems like the perfect time to finally share photos of our last visit to Club 33. And when I say finally...that visit was a full half-decade ago, in June 2016!  Hard to believe it's taken that long to cross it off my list of ideas for future posts.

It's always a thrill being able to press the buzzer and know you'll be admitted to Disneyland's most beloved, exclusive location!

The occasion was our youngest son's high school graduation; he is now an employed graduate of UC San Diego!

I believe this was our first visit since Disneyland had closed off Court des Anges to the public and begun using it as the Club 33 entrance.

Guests have the option of the staircase or an elevator:

The upstairs entrance:

A shot of the dining room...

...and here's another angle. The side table which can be glimpsed in the hallway is from MARY POPPINS (1964). Click on this or any other photo to enlarge it for a closer look.

A sketch of Court des Anges is among the beautiful artwork on display in the restaurant.

A view of the Rivers of America from a Club 33 balcony:

The charger plates had changed since our previous visit.

This between-courses sorbet "palate cleanser" was marvelous.

The main course:

The pastry chef always does a nice job with complimentary "congratulations" desserts!

One more fond look at the phone booth from THE HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE (1967)...

We have been so fortunate to celebrate several special occasions at Club 33 over the years, including each of our children's high school graduations.  I'm very grateful.

Now that I've finally caught up on sharing these photos, can photos from my 2017 visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum be far behind? That took place the month our youngest daughter graduated college...and later this month she'll become the mother of twins!

Photos from previous Club 33 visits: June 2006, August 2007, June 2011, and June 2013.


Blogger Seth said...

Thanks for posting this trip report--better late than never. I'll be interested to hear about your return to Disneyland. As much as I'd like to get back, I think my own return visit to California is still some time away. Also hard to believe we've been waiting four years to hear about your impressions of the WDFM.

Oh, and congratulations, Grandma!

9:40 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hi Seth! Thank *you* so much for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the delay! (And I appreciate your very long-standing interest in our trip to the WDFM!!)

As long as things continue in a reopening trend I anticipate being back at Disneyland later this summer. More things are opening there every day. It's been hard for the first visitors back, including things like masks, no parking lot tram or bus service, and the difficulty of ordering food, but it sounds like things are gradually improving and trending back to normal. I will be sure to document my visit extensively!

I hope it won't be too long before you're able to visit again. We would enjoy seeing you!

And thank you very much for the congrats!!

Best wishes,

11:53 PM  

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