Friday, June 24, 2022

Star Wars Celebration: The Mandalorian Experience

A couple weeks ago I shared photos from the Star Wars Celebration convention our family attended in Anaheim on Memorial Day Weekend.

As I mentioned in that post, the day's highlight for me was "The Mandalorian Experience," a special exhibit of costumes and props from the first two series of the hit Disney+ series.

The exhibit began in fairly mellow fashion, with some dark rooms filled with models (such as above), the interior of the Mandalorian's ship, the Razor Crest, and other props.

The props included the bassinet which held "Baby Yoda" (Grogu) the first time the Mandalorian saw him...

...and the infamous "Frog Lady," along with her future children (ostensibly the ones which Grogu didn't eat...!).

Then we walked into a very large room which had as its centerpiece the Mandalorian's new ship, the N1 Starfighter, with an animatronic Grogu turning from place to place to wave at everyone.

Pretty much anything or anyone ever seen on THE MANDALORIAN was in this room, including costumes for all the characters.

Significant props were on hand as well.

Click on any  photo to enlarge it for a closer look.

I saved the best for last: My favorite character, Marshal Cobb Vanth, who's played by Timothy Olyphant of JUSTIFIED and other other TV series.

Marshal Vanth is a significant part of why I think of THE MANDALORIAN, more than anything else, as a "space Western." It's part HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL and part THE RIFLEMAN!

The one omission from the exhibit was a costume for Cara Dune, given that actress Gina Carano was unfortunately "cancelled" by Hollywood and Disney, which really needs to stop happening. She was one of my favorite characters so I'm not very happy about her no longer being on the show. They did (grudgingly?) include her marshal's badge, however.

Other than that one complaint, THE MANDALORIAN EXPERIENCE was an amazing exhibit which really did right by fans of the series; as seen above, it was no halfhearted effort but an extensive, elaborate display which really made the day special.  I haven't heard about plans for it to travel but I'd encourage any fan of the series to go see it if there's an opportunity.


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