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Miscellaneous bits of news and fun stuff from around the internet...

...I'm back from my brief hiatus, so let's get right to the news! Kino Lorber has made numerous Blu-ray announcements over the last couple weeks. "Coming soon" are OUTRAGE (1950), directed by Ida Lupino, which will also be available on DVD; HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY GAL (1952) starring Rock Hudson and Piper Laurie; and a restoration of the 3D film THE GLASS WEB (1953), available on both standard and 3D Blu-ray. There's more on OUTRAGE in my 2018 review of a UCLA screening, and last year I wrote about the TCM Classic Film Festival screening of HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY GAL.

...Kino Lorber Studio Classics Blu-ray announcements with specific dates:

*March 14th: LOVE LETTERS (1945) with Jennifer Jones and Joseph Cotten and NO MAN IS AN ISLAND (1962) starring Jeffrey Hunter.

*March 21st: NEVER SAY DIE (1939) starring Bob Hope and LUCKY JORDAN (1942) starring Alan Ladd.

*March 28th: IF I HAD A MILLION (1932) with Gary Cooper, George Raft, and more, and SEARCH FOR BEAUTY (1934) starring Larry "Buster" Crabbe and Ida Lupino.

...Vanity Fair has a new article on the lovely wedding gown designed by Helen Rose for Grace Kelly, who upon her marriage became Princess Grace of Monaco.

...The latest TCM Classic Film Festival announcements included the news that Russ Tamblyn will be honored with screenings of SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS (1954) and PEYTON PLACE (1957). Tamblyn received a Best Supporting Actor nomination for the latter film. He's seen here in a SEVEN BRIDES publicity still.

...In other TCM news, TCM has dropped its association with Fathom Events Big Screen Classics to "prioritize resources." I frankly find that a bit concerning, given it's simply a matter of TCM writing and recording a dozen or so in-studio introductions per year, in exchange for great publicity. The good news is that Leonard Maltin will now host the intros.

...TCM will also be having "crossover" guests from Warner Bros. Discovery's other networks. This is all a bit unsettling, especially given the significant staff layoff I mentioned in my New Year's Eve news roundup, but we'll hope for the best for both TCM and the TCM Classic Film Festival.

...Josh Shepherd has written about "6 Stand-Out Series" for The Federalist. I'm very much enjoying ANDOR (2022), which I'm slowly working my way through. I haven't tried BLUEY yet but hear that my young grandsons are among its newest fans.

...Raquel Stecher has written about "The Cinematic Origins of Everyday Words" for DVD Netflix. "Gaslighting" is sure a word we've heard a lot in the last couple years in particular, which is fascinating given how many decades have passed since the films were released in 1940 (British version) and 1944 (U.S. version).

...At Another Old Movie Blog Jacqueline has written a tribute to one of my favorite character actresses, Mary Field (seen at left with Rita Hayworth in 1942's YOU WERE NEVER LOVELIER). One of my favorite Field roles was as a nervy dressmaker in the Rory Calhoun Western FOUR GUNS TO THE BORDER (1954), directed by actor Richard Carlson.

...Vienna's Classic Hollywood has paid tribute to John Hoyt. Both the Field and Hoyt tributes were part of the 11th Annual What a Character! Blogathon.

...Composer Michael Giacchino, who recently directed the Marvel short WEREWOLF BY NIGHT (2022) for the Disney+ streaming service, will be directing a remake of the classic sci-fi film THEM! (1954).

...I recently cancelled the HBO Max service, as I didn't feel it was worth the money. Just in time, as it turns out -- HBO Max has dropped a lot of content, such as Looney Tunes cartoons, and raised the monthly fee.

...Beloved California institution In-N-Out Burger, which has moved north and east very slowly, has announced plans to open in Tennessee in the new few years. Plans include a new corporate hub in Franklin.

...KC has reviewed the new Warner Archive Collection Blu-ray release of ATTACK OF THE 50 FT. WOMAN (1958) at Watching Classic Movies. I'll be reviewing it here soon and look forward to it all the more after reading KC's review.

....The new Vinegar Syndrome Labs Blu-ray line is releasing FLESH AND FANTASY (1943), which I saw at the 2016 Noir City Hollywood Festival. It's a Region A Blu-ray which includes a commentary track by Kim Newman and Barry Forshaw. It was previously released on DVD in the Universal Vault Series.

...Colin's latest review at Riding the High Country is THE QUIET AMERICAN (1958) starring Audie Murphy. I picked up a copy of the Blu-ray in Twilight Time's going out of business sale a couple years back but have not yet seen it myself.

...Notable Passings: Actress Carole Cook has passed away a few days ahead of turning 99. I saw her speak at a 2018 event on the Warner Bros. backlot (seen here in a photo I took with Leonard Maltin) and also at a 2019 Academy tribute to Robert Osborne...Film editor Mike Hill, whose numerous collaborations with director Ron Howard included APOLLO 13 (1995), has died at 73...Les Brown Jr., son of the famed big band leader, has passed away at 82...Former child actor Adam Rich, who played youngest son Nicholas on TV's EIGHT IS ENOUGH (1977-81), has died at 54...Actor-Writer Quinn Redeker passed on at 86. Redeker worked in soaps (DAYS OF OUR LIVES, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) and episodic TV roles and received a Best Writing Oscar nomination for the story for THE DEER HUNTER (1978).

...For additional recent links of interest to classic film fans, please check out my December 31st roundup.


Blogger Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

Thank you so much for the mention, Laura. I'm glad Mary Field has fans, and that so many classic film buffs love the character actors.

5:53 AM  
Blogger Vienna said...

Thanks as always, Laura for linking to my post on John Hoyt. I also enjoyed reading about Mary Field and remember her in one small scene in Bogart’s Dark Passage.

12:54 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Isn't it wonderful that the internet lets those of us who love people like Mary Field and John Hoyt share our appreciation with one another! :)

Thanks to you both!

Best wishes,

7:40 PM  

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