Saturday, January 28, 2023

Around the Blogosphere This Week

Miscellaneous bits of news and fun stuff from around the internet...

...Two weeks ago I shared concerns here about the future of Turner Classic Movies. Perhaps TCM has become aware of TCM fans' worries, as a lengthy "Don't worry, be happy" article featuring interviews with all of the TCM hosts has just been published in Entertainment Weekly. While short on substantial reasons not to fear for the beloved network's future, the positivity is welcome. It's good to hear that the CEO of Discovery-Warner Bros. is a TCM fan.

...There will apparently not be any Warner Archive Collection releases in February, but there's a great release slate ahead in March! Half a dozen Blu-rays are on the way: CAMILLE (1936), CONFESSIONS OF A NAZI SPY (1939), FLAMINGO ROAD (1949), NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTER (1949), I'LL CRY TOMORROW (1955), and THE PRINCE AND THE SHOWGIRL (1957). Regular readers may recall that NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTER is one of my top favorite Esther Williams films. I've been hoping for a Blu-ray!

...Karen has reviewed the Flicker Alley release of EL VAMPIRO NEGRO (1953) at Shadows and Satin; I love this one and should be reviewing the Flicker Alley disc myself soon...Jessica reviewed HOTEL FOR WOMEN (1939) at Comet Over Hollywood; I need to put up with the poor print and catch it in order to see favorite Linda Darnell at the start of her career...Bottom Shelf Movies reviews the upcoming Kino Lorber release IF I WERE KING (1938). My screener just arrived so look for a review here in the future!

...Kino Lorber has announced that its next Dark Side of Cinema set -- Volume XII -- will be released April 4th. UNDERTOW (1949) will have a commentary track by Jason A. Ney, along with the son of actor Scott Brady, while OUTSIDE THE WALL (1950) features a commentary track by Alan K. Rode. The third film in the set is HOLD BACK TOMORROW (1955). At least three more Dark Side of Cinema collections will be coming in 2023!

...Also coming from Kino Lorber on April 11th: THE TRUTH ABOUT SPRING (1965) starring John and Hayley Mills along with James MacArthur.

...The Los Angeles Times published a wonderful article by Mary McNamara on the Hollywood Legion Theater last week. (This article may be paywalled.)

...There's been some notable Blu-ray news from outside the United States this past week. Viavision/Imprint in Australia announced an interesting film noir collection releasing April 23rd with ROPE OF SAND (1949), APPOINTMENT WITH DANGER (1950), THE ENFORCER (1951), BEWARE, MY LOVELY (1952), and JENNIFER (1953). Coming from the same label on April 26th is an adventure set with ARABIAN NIGHTS (1942), A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS (1945), THE DESERT HAWK (1950), ZARAK (1956), and OMAR KHAYYAM (1957). Extras for these attractive sets include new commentary tracks along with other special features.

...In March Arrow Academy is releasing a UK film noir set with THE SUSPECT (1944), THE SLEEPING CITY (1950), THUNDER ON THE HILL (1951), and SIX BRIDGES TO CROSS (1955). New commentary tracks from Farran Smith Nehme and Imogen Sara Smith are among the extras.

...Toby has some interesting info and a podcast link regarding the upcoming 3D release of SOUTHWEST PASSAGE (1954) at 50 Westerns From the 50s. I first mentioned the pending disc release here last week thanks to news from Glenn Erickson. Rod Cameron, Joanne Dru, and John Ireland star, directed by Ray Nazarro.

...Raquel has posted one of her great lists of upcoming film books at her blog Out of the Past. There are many appealing titles on the list, including the pictured book on British musicals.

...Notable Passings: Former teen actor Lance Kerwin, who was ubiquitous on TV in the '70s, has passed away at the age of 62..Dancer Margie Duncan, who worked as a stand-in for Debbie Reynolds, has died at 92...British actress Sylvia Syms, whose screen career began in the mid-'50s, has passed on at 89. She played the Queen Mother in THE QUEEN (2006).

...For additional recent links of interest to classic film fans, please check out my January 21st roundup.


Blogger Seth said...

I’ve shared many of your recent thoughts on TCM, so thanks the EW article. I’ll read it soon.

I’d not heard of THE TRUTH ABOUT SPRING before the Kino announcement, but I’m thinking it might make a good gift for my sister’s mother-in-law (which means I’d get to see it then, too).

2:46 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

We'll hope for the best re TCM, Seth!

I've never seen THE TRUTH ABOUT SPRING and am curious!

Best wishes,

7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely mention, Laura. I look forward to your thoughts on El Vampiro Negro!

9:11 AM  

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