Tuesday, April 16, 2024

New Column in The Dark Pages

I'm pleased to share that I have an article appearing in the latest issue of The Dark Pages!

My 2019 review of the Flicker Alley Blu-ray release of TRAPPED (1949) has been adapted for the March/April 2024 edition which is Volume 20, No. 2.

Other articles in this print issue include Andy Wolverton writing on NIGHT EDITOR (1946) and Kristina Dijan on a pair of Robert Douglas crime films, HOMICIDE (1949) and THIS SIDE OF THE LAW (1950).

The Dark Pages may be subscribed to here. Back issues are also available, including issues I've written for in the past; descriptions of those issues are linked below.

Previous Dark Pages posts: January 2011, December 2011, January 2013, June 2013, December 2022, March 2023, and March 2024.


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