Friday, November 11, 2005

Don't Mess With Grandma!

I heard the recording of this 911 call on Sean Hannity's radio show. The gun-wielding grandmother can be heard in the background yelling "How dare you come into my house!" along with another choice word or two.

(Sean said she's embarrassed she can be heard cursing on the tape, but under the unusual circumstances I think she can be forgiven.)

More details here.

If ever there were a good example for the importance of law-abiding citizens having the right to "keep and bear arms," this is it.

Meanwhile the city of San Francisco will be facing a legal challenge to their new law not only outlawing the sale of handguns in the city, but requiring law-abiding citizens to surrender their guns. In a sane world this law would surely be ruled unconstitutional, but I have little trust in the courts at this juncture!


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