Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Unhinged: Lawrence O'Donnell

Yesterday Lawrence O'Donnell suggested on his blog that the Vice President was drunk at the time of the shooting accident.

This afternoon Hugh Hewitt interviewed O'Donnell, who came across as completely unhinged. An excerpt from the transcript posted at Radio Blogger:

"LO: No. Hey, stop lying about what I'm saying. Get this straight. Lawrence O'Donnell has no idea, and has never suggested whether or not the Vice President was drunk. I've never said it, and I never will, because we will never know...

"HH: Well now, let's pause on that, Lawrence. Let's pause on that.

"LO: ...because the Vice President made sure that you weren't going to be able to put a breathalyzer up to his mouth. He made sure of it.

"HH: You said we've said just now, you've never suggested that, but of course, the first line in your post is, the L.A. Times is edging closer to the most likely reason for the 18 hour delay.

"LO: It is the most likely reason."

Got that? Here's a bit more:

"HH: Lawrence, you just said you never suggested he was drunk.

"LO: I've never suggested that he was drunk, no. I've suggested it's a likelihood."

All I can say is that with a routine like this, O'Donnell had better be awfully careful in future about throwing around charges of heavy drinking, or people might start speculating about him.

Update: Power Line reacts to the Hugh-O'Donnell interview: "Reading the transcripts of Hugh Hewitt's interrogation of liberal media sophists and scoundrels is becoming addictive..."

Captain Ed also refers to O'Donnell as "unhinged," going on to say: "With absolutely no evidence whatsoever, O'Donnell spins a paranoid fantasy of drunken binges, local police conspiracies, and other wild-eyed assumptions. The man gives another fresh dimension to the label 'creepy liar.'"


Blogger Blair said...

From way over here, I read on (the massive communist-nazi ragsheet) that the Vice President had been drinking beer. The information seemed to come from the ranch owner. There was no suggesting that he was drunk and falling over or anything like that. Still I was left wondering if he would have been able to legally operate a vehicle? I thought you may like this information because your original post seemed to lack any broader context and this resulted is a slanted, jarring, presentation.

11:27 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks for your note. In Vice President Cheney's interview with Brit Hume today, the Vice President himself said that he had a beer at lunch. The accident took place five and a half hours later.

It's quite a jump from a beer with a meal to a drunken shooting several hours later, as O'Donnell has suggested. A couple medical experts I heard quoted today on talk radio also said that more than a small amount of alcohol would most likely have been wildly incompatible with the heart medications the Vice President must take, which is another factor pointing to the unlikelihood of the V.P. having been intoxicated.

The only reason an alcohol-fueled shooting has been suggested at all is due to the speculation of O'Donnell and those who have repeated his suggestion.

Thanks for stopping by! Best wishes, Laura

11:41 PM  

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