Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"thirtysomething" Actors Move Behind the Cameras

USA Today has a good article on the behind-the-cameras success of some of the actors from one of my all-time favorite TV shows, THIRTYSOMETHING. Ken Olin, Timothy Busfield, and Peter Horton now executive produce ALIAS, WITHOUT A TRACE, and GREY'S ANATOMY, respectively, while continuing to act occasionally.

Busfield, who has had a recurring role as reporter Danny Concannon on THE WEST WING, is appearing in the final episodes of that show.

I've never seen ALIAS or WITHOUT A TRACE, but I enjoyed watching the first season of GREY'S ANATOMY on DVD. It occasionally veered into the tasteless, but it's a unique spin on the traditional medical drama, with memorable characters and a nice mix of humor and romance.

I'm anxiously hoping for an extras-laden DVD release of THIRTYSOMETHING, if its busy former cast members can find the time to do it right; ideally each season's set should contain numerous commentaries and the reunion program which aired on Bravo a few years ago.


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