Monday, June 19, 2006

Disneyland's Updated Pirates Ride Set to Open

Opening Day is nearing for the rehabbed Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, which has been updated to include references to the hit movie of the same name.

Some quoted in this article aren't happy about the changes being made to Disney's classic ride, but I'm open-minded about it. As the article reminds us, Walt Disney himself believed in making innovations, and he frequently made changes to his park. It also sounds as though, thanks to the film tie-in, we may be getting rid of the "politically correct" changes made a few years back, which found the bawdy pirates chasing food instead of wenches. In that case, the tie-in would prompt a welcome partial return to the past.

We also have a movie tie-in to thank for bringing back the long-lost Submarine Voyage. The subs, after an absence of nearly a decade, will re-open in 2007 with a FINDING NEMO theme. So movie tie-ins aren't all a bad thing. In fact, it's worth pointing out that many of the park's attractions over the years originated as Disney films.

In response to the article, the Haunted Mansion just received a very nice upgrade -- I avoid that ride (too creepy and unpleasant for my personal taste) but those I know who've seen it have applauded the small changes, and I can assure you there's no sign of Eddie Murphy in sight. :)

I do have to say that Disneyland's Tarzan's Treehouse "tie-in" attraction has never done anything for me. It's not nearly as much fun or as attractive as the charming original tie-in, the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. One of the thrills of visiting Walt Disney World for me has been visiting this classic Adventureland attraction for the first time in many years. Even as an adult I love watching the treehouse's ingenious "water system" in action.

According to MousePlanet, the Pirates ride may open to the public as soon as Sunday afternoon, June 25th. We're looking forward to checking it out soon.


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I'm waiting in anticipation to see the new changes to POTC as well! The Mansion changes are magnificent and I really hope the "upgrades" to Pirates are done as well. :o)

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