Monday, July 31, 2006

College Shopping Mania

Light blogging of late, as we are spending lots of time running around collecting things for my daughter's college dorm room. Nothing as excessive as described in the above article...but still, this seems a lot more complicated than when I went off to college. I remember shopping for new bedsheets and getting a plastic plate, bowl, and mug set for snacks. (I still have the bowl!) I received a couple other necessities as graduation gifts.

These days you not only have to pick out a laptop, but all the accessories, including a laptop backpack, a surge protector, and a printer. Bringing sheets from home isn't an option, as the dorms have "XL twin" beds instead of regular twin beds. (I'm told some regular twin sheets will fit the XL beds...we're going to test that rumor out.) The rooms come with microwaves, so you need microwave-safe dishes. And the rooms are much smaller than when I was in school, so "storage solutions" (under the bed and over the door) are issues as well.

We've been spending a lot of time in Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target... Incidentally, did you know Target has fan blogs devoted to it?

We missed "college night" at The Container Store, but we'll probably be checking in there soon as well. Just a couple more weeks till move-in day at USC!


Anonymous Missy said...

I was in Bed, Bath & Beyond yesterday and it was crammed with people shopping for college. Fill me in when you have a chance. Good luck!

7:47 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks, I will!! Hope you're staying relatively cool. TTYS, Laura

9:16 PM  

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