Sunday, July 02, 2006

Illegal Aliens "Disenfranchised"

You've got to love this AP story about today's Mexican election which states many Mexican voters who are in the U.S. illegally "were disenfranchised by their fear of crossing the border as undocumented residents."

There was also the problem that Mexican citizens living in the U.S. had to apply for a new voting card in Mexico, "a risky chore for an illegal immigrant."

Then there's an illegal alien who wants the new Mexican president to "fight for rights for Mexicans" the United States, not Mexico. "We're always fighting hard to make it, but we've been living under more pressure, more strain." Maybe the new Mexican president should fight for the rights of Mexican citizens in Mexico. Cleaning up government corruption would be a start.

Can you imagine if the situations in this story were reversed? Would we be reading a sympathetic story about "disenfranchised" Americans living illegally in Mexico? I think not.


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