Monday, February 05, 2007

Too Dumb to Be President?

John Edwards has hired a campaign blogger with a long history of "expletive deleted" posting. (See links above and here.)

In my humble opinion, anyone who would hire someone for such a role without spending five or ten minutes Googling their writing doesn't have the commonsense smarts to run the country...

And isn't it lovely that he wishes to raise taxes to pay for national healthcare?


Blogger jau said...

Edwards gives me the creeps. I've always wondered what the word "smarmy" meant but I think he's it. The idea of Dems presenting him or Hillary is crazy. Obama looks like the best of that lot, despite his lack of experience, unless someone else comes along. Rudy's changes improve every day!

7:46 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

"Smarmy" certain describes Edwards well. (Captain Ed today uses the phrase "craven, whiny opportunist"...)

I'm a bit wary of Rudy, given how Arnold has burned us in CA, but overall I like what I'm hearing from him, and he may be the only candidate with a real shot at beating Hillary (given the high numbers who will turn out to vote for "the first woman President" and perhaps the "first black Vice President"). The contrast between her bug-eyed screeching (when she gets on a roll, as she did in her DNC speech recently in which she wanted to "take" oil companies' profits) and his calm, reasoned demeanor is stark. He acts Presidential. Best wishes, Laura

9:08 AM  

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