Thursday, March 22, 2007

Howard Fineman: Inappropriate Exuberance?

Was anyone else struck by the strangely exuberant note with which Howard Fineman began his article on Elizabeth Edwards?

The first line is: "Is this a great Democratic presidential campaign, or what?" Fineman continued "The number of candidate 'firsts' keeps growing..." and went on to discuss Senator Edwards' wife's illness and how the Edwardses chose to discuss it today.

When someone announces she has cancer which has metastasized to the bone, I hardly think chirping "Is this a great Democratic presidential campaign, or what?" appropriate. But then, given that Fineman had gone on TV today to assess the Edwards press conference "politically" as a "ten strike" and responded to the news that Edwards' campaign was continuing with "It's always great when something unexpected happens around here," maybe it's not surprising.

Howard needs to get out of Washington for a while and regain a sense of proportion in how he looks at the world.


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