Friday, March 23, 2007

Tony Snow to Have Surgery

White House spokesman Tony Snow, who has battled colon cancer, is having surgery Monday to remove what is believed to be a benign growth from his abdomen. The surgery will hopefully confirm the initial positive assessment.

Sending best wishes and prayers Tony's way. This has been a rough week on the medical news front.


Blogger Dana said...

Tying this post to 'Howard Fineman's Inappropriate Exuberance' (previous post), I have now heard two radio commentators suggest that both the Edwards' and Tony Snow's announcements were 'conveniently timed and sympathy tools' by their respective camps.

It is, of course, tasteless and crass. However it also unfortunately reveals how low the body politic and/or pontificators will sink during campaign years.

5:09 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

That is just sad...I haven't heard much of the radio or TV today and am sorry to hear that such comments are being made. Some people simply seem to have no sense of the real life anxieties and difficulties that go with these kinds of diseases. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised that everyone is willing to assess the situations in such political terms, but it's a sad commentary on modern politics.

Thanks for sharing, Dana -- Laura

5:42 PM  

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