Monday, May 21, 2007

Dr. Sowell: "Amnesty Fraud"

Thomas Sowell: "If the current immigration bill is as “realistic” as its advocates claim, why is it being rushed through the Senate faster than a local zoning ordinance could be passed?

"We are, after all, talking about a major and irreversible change in the American population, the American culture, and the American political balance. Why is there no time to talk about it?

"Are its advocates afraid that the voting public might discover what a fraud it is? The biggest fraud is denying that this is an amnesty bill."

And in conclusion: "Just as people can do many things better for themselves than the government can do those things for them, illegal aliens could begin deporting themselves if they found that their crime of coming here illegally was being punished as a serious crime, and that they themselves were no longer being treated as guests of the taxpayers when it comes to their medical care, the education of their children, and other welfare-state benefits.

"Incidentally, remember that 700-mile fence that Congress authorized last year? Only two miles have been built. That should tell us something about how seriously they are going to enforce other border-security provisions in the current bill."



Blogger Dana said...

More good news for Republicans and their family values: a new poll reveals that a paltry 10 percent of Bush's Muslim immigrants to America believe in Al Queda and terrorist mayhem. Adjusted for reality, that's probably 10,000 spanking new bin Laden sympathizers LEGALLY brought to our shores to do the job Americans won't do--namely, annihilate a major city. Add to that lowball figure, the untold scores of Muslims disguising themselves as Mexicans at our porous Southern border who only want a better life for their families--after all white Christians have been cleansed. Additionally, Bush has announced that America will take in waves of Iraqi "refugees," who, of course, will pass a rigorous background check in the same manner proposed in Bush's new amnesty scheme for gang members. But don't feel bad, the Heritage Foundation has determined that Bush's new amnesty will cost loyal, hard-working Republicans a measly TWO TRILLION in social welfare taxes, if you can make to the post office with 100 million illiterate Third World America-haters in your midst. Quick, put your finger on the DELETE key, Laura.

12:11 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I'm not deleting this one as although I think your language is over the top in places (i.e., "cleansing white Christians"), it doesn't stretch the bounds of decency and good manners.

Your posts are welcome here, even if they disagree with my own, as long as you refrain from calling people nasty names for the sake of nastiness -- and that includes the President.

When one chooses to communicate by calling people names and using pejorative adjectives (you know what they are), rather than attempting to share your thoughts in a friendlier, more constructive manner, it's no wonder your posts are being deleted at various sites. As I wrote about Mr. Chertoff last night, it's just not the way to "win friends and influence people."

Best wishes,

12:21 PM  

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