Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hillary Sounds Like a Communist...

...touting replacing an "on your own" "ownership" society with a "we're all in it together" society based on "fairness."

Remember, this is the same woman who wanted the government to take over 1/7 of the United States economy.

This raises all sorts of interesting questions, such as who decides what is "fair"?

Hillary would do well to study the early settlers of this nation. The Pilgrims started out with the "we're all in it together" thinking and it nearly did them in, until they changed to an "on your own" society and flourished.


Blogger USpace said...

She has a strong communist affiliation in her past.
Great stuff, the PIAPS must be stopped!

Hillary is hated by many Dems too, I just visited a blog called 'democrats against Hillary'. My friend's wife is a Democrat and retired NY teacher and she hates Hillary, so there is hope. I think only Rudy can beat her.

if you're MAD
punish your country
- VOTE for Hillary

10:11 PM  

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