Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New Book: What's a Cook to Do?

I recently came across a very appealing new cooking reference, WHAT'S A COOK TO DO? by James Peterson, author of the fine reference ESSENTIALS OF COOKING.

WHAT'S A COOK TO DO?, which is subtitled AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO 484 ESSENTIAL TIPS, TECHNIQUES, AND TRICKS, is presented in an appealing design, as a compact softcover edition with rounded corners.

(Note: The photo here must be an earlier edition, as it refers to 500 ESSENTIAL TIPS rather than 484!)

It makes fun reading, alternating the text with useful photographs. The pages are attractive, with varied colors and type fonts, and the book covers a wide variety of topics, presented more succintly than in ESSENTIALS OF COOKING.

The 484 entries include how to peel and mince garlic, how to use older eggs, how to make turkey gravy, how to season a cast-iron skillet, and much more.

The book would make a particularly nice gift for a young cook on your gift list -- such as a new college graduate -- perhaps paired with the 75th Anniversary Edition of JOY OF COOKING.


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