Thursday, June 28, 2007

Immigration Bill Crashes and Burns

The immigration bill was dealt a stunning defeat today, with 18 senators who voted for cloture Tuesday changing their votes today.

Only 46 votes could be mustered for cloture today -- it wasn't even close.

Rich Lowry on Voinovich voting against cloture: "That's a Hannity get!"

This represents a huge victory for commonsense Americans.

Now the question is: The President and Senate have heard the American people. Will they move forward on enforcement? Or are they going to drop the entire issue and continue to let the immigration problem -- and ongoing threats to our national security -- build?

Update: Scroll down in this Michelle Malkin post for the list of who voted for and against cloture today.


Blogger Dana said...

"Will they move forward on enforcement? Or are they going to drop the entire issue and continue to let the immigration problem ..."

Why of course, they'll drop the entire issue because they haven't really learned anything, and maintaining status quo is the easy way out.

I'm sorry. Is my cynicism showing?

9:14 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

I think it's important that the "grassroots" public doesn't drop this -- the first order of business should be to pressure the President to continue with his pledge to spend $4.4 billion "up front" to prove the administration is serious about border security. (Unfortunately, as became clear yesterday, that was a scam as the money could be used for anything including processing amnesty applications.) I fear the Administration will need to be shamed into not taking their proverbial bats and balls and going home, but moving forward on the reasonable steps the American public wants, which are already authorized by law: securing the borders. If they can prove they are serious about it, then they will probably find the public quite reasonable about discussing amnesty in a couple years.

Unfortunately, what the President and the Senators really seem to have wanted was the amnesty without the border security, despite lip service to security, so I'm afraid, as Dana is, that the entire issue will now be dropped. The only thing they see as in "urgent" need of a solution is the illegal aliens, not the border. I remain confounded to this day that our President doesn't seem to have any security concerns about the borders -- southern *and* northern.

Best wishes,

1:52 PM  
Blogger Dana said...

Just ask yourself if you see a fence yet?


4:02 PM  

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