Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Book: Backstage With Julia

On the eve of our trip I was browsing in a Barnes & Noble and came across BACKSTAGE WITH JULIA: MY YEARS WITH JULIA CHILD by Nancy Verde Barr. Barr worked as Child's assistant for 24 years.

I'm not very far into it but thus far it's a delightful read. It's a relatively small volume so it shouldn't take long to finish.

The book has excellent illustrations, which include not only photos but unique items such as copies of postcards Child sent Barr over the years.

More on BACKSTAGE WITH JULIA from The Austin Chronicle.

While I was away I also read Tina Brown's THE DIANA CHRONICLES, which was fascinating but sad, and I started THE REAGAN DIARIES, which was really interesting.

The Diana and Reagan books were set in a parallel time frame -- i.e., early in the President's diaries, Mrs. Reagan leaves Washington to attend Diana's wedding in London -- so, including the Child book, I was immersed in the '80s on this trip!


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