Thursday, June 14, 2007

Coming to DVD: Masada (1981)

One of the greatest programs from the "Golden Age of Miniseries" is coming to DVD: MASADA. It will be released on September 11, 2007.

MASADA, which depicts the Roman siege on the Jewish fortress Masada, is a show which can truly be called unforgettable. It builds to such an overpowering conclusion that I'm honestly not sure I can rewatch it all the way to the end again, over a quarter century after I first saw it, but if you have never seen this movie, it's truly a must-see experience.

A more detailed plot description can be found at the subject link.

Peter O'Toole plays the Roman general, Flavius, while Peter Strauss plays the leader of the besieged Jews. O'Toole in particular was brilliant, and Strauss plays well opposite O'Toole. The cast also includes Anthony Quayle, Barbara Carrera, and David Warner.

MASADA was directed by Boris Sagal. Trivia for film fans: The late Sagal was married to dancing great Marge Champion, who worked on the MASADA crew as a dialogue coach. Sagal's children, by a previous marriage, include actress Katey Sagal.

The stirring musical score was by Jerry Goldsmith. The music was released on LP shortly after the TV airing.

The miniseries I'm most anxiously hoping comes to DVD: EAST OF EDEN (1981), starring Jane Seymour, Timothy Bottoms, Sam Bottoms, Bruce Boxleitner, Karen Allen, and Anne Baxter. Click on this Amazon page if you would also like to see EAST OF EDEN on DVD.


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