Monday, June 11, 2007

New Book: Dinner With Dad

USA Today had an interesting article today about a new book, DINNER WITH DAD: HOW I FOUND MY WAY BACK TO THE FAMILY TABLE. It was written by a law professor who decided to "power down" his life and commit to being home for dinner five nights a week, as well as taking on cooking duties some nights.

About two and a half years ago I decided it was time to take my cooking skills -- which hadn't changed much since I married many moons ago -- to the "next level," in part so we could have more enjoyable family dinners eating a wider variety of food. I wanted my meals to compete more favorably with restaurant fare, and I also wanted to pare down our family food budget by eating more home-cooked meals.

There have been many benefits for our family, including all of our children developing a greater interest in cooking. My two youngest children are especially interested in cooking and think a trip to Williams-Sonoma is wonderful fun. My 12-year-old daughter is teaching herself cake decorating, and when my 9-year-old son recently had some birthday money saved up, he got his very own "kitchen tool," a Kitchen Aid hand mixer in yellow -- his favorite color! Since then we have enjoyed his mashed potatoes, cakes, and cookies!


Blogger Wolf Flywheel said...

I watched my dad cook for mny years. We had a very spotted record of sit-down meals together, but I watched him cook Sunday dinner and great meals for hoiday events. i loved his food ,but never had a true interest in cooking until after I had kids. I suddenly found the food network very entertaining and I love coming up with a new idea or the kitchen. I may need to pick up this book. Thanks for the tip.

P.S.- As I'm sure you found out, the roundup didn't make it to geekerati radio tonight due to some scheduling conflicts. We'll be back for our regular spot next Monday though.

12:11 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Love your anecdote about your dad.

I developed an interest in the Food Network around the time I got interested in improving my cooking... Some people love to criticize Rachael Ray but I have to say that when I saw her make a couple appetizing-looking meals and make it look so easy, I realized that I *could* do more than I'd been doing and expand beyond the same "old standbys" I'd been making for years, and it wouldn't be as hard as I'd thought. :) We enjoy all the shows but we especially like trying the "Barefoot Contessa's" recipes.

Missed hearing you guys on the show last night! Unfortunately -- or fortunately! -- next week I'll be on vacation without Internet, but hopefully I'll hear you on the next go-round!

Best wishes,

5:44 PM  

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