Sunday, June 10, 2007

Subs Return to Disneyland!

The wait is almost over: the eagerly awaited return of Disneyland's Submarine Voyage will take place on Monday, June 11th. The ride is now called the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.

The submarine fleet recently celebrated a recommissioning ceremony before the park opened for the day. Vice Admiral John Morgan Jr. of the United States Navy was on hand as the submarines were rededicated. The Disneyland Report has wonderful photos of the event.

Facts and figures about the new ride can be found at the L.A. Times. Yesterland provides a peek at the ride as many of us remember it from years past. Disney Submarines is another fun site.

And don't forget to visit the Virtual Lagoon.

This morning's L.A. Times included a full poster for the new ride which will make a wonderful keepsake for Disneyland fans.

Monday Update: Be sure to read an excellent article from Monday's L.A. Times, "Back From the Depths."


Blogger Wolf Flywheel said...

Wow! The video at was a blast from the past. I went on that ride at Disneyworld when I was 5 and it's one of the few that still stick in my mind. I remember that I went on it the day after seeig the shark tank at Sea World and I was scared out of my pants when I saw the "sea monster". I kept thinking about how small the sub was and worried that the monster would do us in. I guess at 5 years old, everything is serious! Thanks for posting the links and don't forget to tune in to geekarati radio tomorrow night for our live round up.

4:52 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I used to totally buy into the submarine ride too!

One of the things that also fascinated me when I was little was photos in our family album of the real mermaids out in the lagoon. I don't remember seeing them in person myself -- they disappeared the year I turned 5. A photo can be seen on the Internet here:

I just set my PDA to beep at me to remind me to tune in Monday night -- thanks!

Best wishes

5:14 PM  
Blogger Wolf Flywheel said...

What a job that must've been for some young lady for a summer! Probably kept the fellas coming back for one more ride. It seems that, Disney put more into entertainment back then. I'm not knocking thier product, but I couldn't imagine Disney paying girls to sit out in the lagoon all day dressed as mermaids. It would be a cost they wouldn't be willing to pay. That was a trademark of the salesman/business owner of those times, though. They didn't mind taking a slight cut in profit to provide an outstanding experience. That is part of the problem with today's business. Walt Disney understood this principle and used it to create a dominant company. That type of product/ sales creates return customers and generates more money. The ultimate goal of capitalism! Going to the theater was an experience at one time. Now it's an experience we like to avoid. Folks try to shed so much overhead that they have made our country grow accustomed to stinky service and zero showmnship or presentation. I am amazed at what was offered in my father's and grandfather's era and long for the day when I win the lotto so I can reproduce some of that without fear of losing my house and having hungry kids! It'd be a heckuva risk, but J.C. and I have even discussed opening an old fashioned lunch counter with adjoining store specialising in hard to find nostalgic items which are still produced in small quantities. Somewhere we can cultivate and bring back memories. Oh well. We all have our pipe-dreams. Whew!! You'd tink I was 'Bag-o-Bones' with this long comment!

5:36 PM  

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